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No-one is blaming white people for the problems, they are blaming it on apathy to the system (its racism in particular), which is under white peoples’ overwhelming influence.

If that is indeed your argument, then your argument does not apply itself to my piece. What I am seeing is people specifically singling out white men in their posts for bashing, even when that bashing is not relevant. That’s what I am commenting on.

That’s not saying other phenomenon or abuses do not exists concurrently. Nor is it saying that other abuses are not more heinous. What it is saying is that this is a common staple of progressive writing and it is pushing people in the other direction. That does eventually lead to those more heinous abuses when some of those people get radicalized and seek to retaliate, or elect someone like Donald Trump.

Also, believe it or not, the system is not under the influence of white people. It is under the influence of persons, many of whom happen to be white. As a white person myself, I can tell you, I’ve got no control over the system whatsoever. The failure to comprehend this also often causes overreach in protests that leads to white people feeling marginalized for things that are outside their control.

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