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It sounds like you’re not disputing the point so much as saying “They started it.” The Grade 2 defense. But that concedes the core argument that push leads to push-back.

I am not saying that somebody didn’t start it. It’s like our last conversation. We can trace the line of trauma going back generations, centuries, and millennia, if we feel like it. That’s not an unreasonable lens of study. However, you cannot stop there. When you start looking for root causes, you eventually end up at the Big Bang and realize that you need to make an arbitrary decision about where to begin. That decision, in turn, can change the entire shape of the analysis. This is especially true when we seek to cast blame. We can decide who started it, go back to the moment in the time when they were agitated enough to be the aggressors, and go “There! I told you they were the villains all along.” That, however, ignores both the present moment and the chain of causality going back further.

Now, I was casting blame in my post, but I did not vilify. The point I was making was that each link in the chain of aggression agitates the innocent. It is especially harmful to the innocent bystanders, who are not militarized for the discourse. There are a lot of white guys who may have started with sympathy for progressive causes, who were pushed away when the activism for those causes ignored their individuality and proceeded to demonize them in discourse.

Actions have consequences. If the Left wants to rebuild, this is something that activists and bloggers should become aware of.

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