The journey of Entrepreneurship — when the going gets tough, the tough get going…

Today’s the day! There comes a time in every life where the past recedes and the future opens. It’s that moment when you turn to face the unknown.

I’m honored to announce the first step that we took at Epilen today for a mission which transcends any limitations. The commitment to build a sustainable model that combines the best aspects of healthcare — acuity, compassion, and experience — with the best aspects of technology — scalability, cost and accessibility — to bring user friendly, higher quality, lower cost healthcare to as many people as possible.

Glad to announce our public launch of application for Doctors, an early-release to on-board qualified and trained specialists to join Epilen Practice platform.

The app, called Epilen Practice, will help Doctors & Specialists join Epilen & create the digital practice portfolio and enable access to multiple people in need of care. The app. is available on Google Play Store ->

We are also excited to bring Epilen for everyone by 30 September 2018.

We have fought the tough battle, every new sunrise bought a new challenge on the desk but we never gave up. Sometime the battle we fought with ourselves and at others with circumstances beyond our comprehension. Though the journey of Epilen started last year; the truth is we conceived it this summer.

When Epilen began the sail in an open and deep ocean of opportunities and challenges, I never had the realization of how tormenting it’s going to be. Never my brain envisaged how the current in the ocean going to appear like and at no time I envisioned what misapprehension I’m going to make. All there was an idea, determination, excitement and perseverance to sail in the uncharted territory.

The passage of time taught enormous lessons and all our determination were tested from time to time. Faced with adversity to lose loved one, the one who gave me the first identity — the loss of my mother which put my entire being into a big trauma which can never be expressed by any written narration. Being 62 years old, she suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis and due to the negligence of early-diagnosis that our current health system faces, she was developed Spinal Tuberculosis and later Sepsis and resulted to Renal failure. Traumatic incident of loss later on gave me the realization of how incapacitated our health system is that it fails to identify diagnosis at an early stage and unable to establish the proactive communication over procedures.

Anguish and a state of desolation surfaced the life after the loss and reflection of an indigent state of healthcare in the country — in itself seems to be indisposed.

I then reminded myself of a phrase which was apprised by Joseph P. Kennedy, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Walking on an uncharted path not only demands perseverance, but it necessitates a certain degree of madness and ruthlessness to achieve on your objective. As time progressed, we encountered financial instability at Epilen. Starting this year, we began expeditious hiring inferring upon the commitment of the fund from an Investor based out of Australia; but at last moment, it gravitated against!

To run a company with all people without investment is certainly not a sitch to be in, but as quoted, Uncharted territory necessitates madness and ruthlessness as an attributes to possess as an entrepreneur.

As time dribbled at Epilen with uncertainty and chaos; the spectacle of Epilen’s state of affairs was soul-stirring and plaintive and it was a poignant reminder of the passing of time which was witnessing no traction, not alone product. Madness is a great peculiarity but should it come at a cost of your own mistake due to misapprehension? I was being constantly reminded by my dearest friends and people around me of some facts that at times may have confute my entrepreneurial narrative inside my mind and I became incapacitated to make right decisions for Epilen.

April 2018: financial settings were at extreme down, company was sailing on debts; 10 hiring and my dicey decisions were almost enabling Epilen to be in desperate straits and still no product, no traction. I should have then believed that Madness should be gentle!

As someone who started business activities at quite young age of 14, how incapacitated I can be to not make corrective technology, market and financial assessment when time demanded precision and careful considerations? Questions being directed towards me and Epilen — on issues of no product, no traction, missing timelines and conspicuous state of financials.

May 2018: no matter what was going on and told about — a drive to get the financials right at Epilen was like my every moment desire of inhaling oxygen. I believe relationships are the foundation upon which great objectives are achieved. An unexpected support then came from a man who put confidence in my honesty of purpose and the one who believed in me rather than the business — Mr. Sachchidanand Rai, an entrepreneur who raises to build a successful venture out of struggle and hardships. At this precious time, when pecuniary state of Epilen was already in denouement, he made a move to invest in Epilen without even asking for an equity in company and left that decision upon me!

I realize the beauty of TRUST — Google defines it, “as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.” I experienced a relatively akin meaning of TRUST — for me, “it’s when no explanation, no dissension, no justification is required.” I am appreciative to Mr. Rai’s credence upon me. The most priceless possession he entrusted upon me is the indoctrinate to — “hold a high degree of honesty in your purpose!” I am affluent of your teachings that enlightens me on the peregrination of this mission.

Truth to be told, I always have surmised myself to be a kind of a person who knows how to drive business forward and this conjecture was often validated inside my mind from the fact that it’s something I am doing since I am 14. But this truth had to be exposed in a way to remain myself grounded. My actions and my decisions towards Epilen at that time were being forewarned by one of my dearest and best friend Sumedha Vats, who is also the first person to be the part of Epilen. When I started developing software in school, since then I am learning that everyday you grow as a newer and better version of yourself… Sumedha is a person who educated me that a “Strong leadership requires that a person remain grounded”, taught me to appreciate the work of other people, and at times, edified me with the values that is mandate for a business to run and succeed.

When funds were at extreme minima, she guided me to utilize the resources in the best capacity and helped me took the right decisions for Epilen. Her high level of commitment and determination to thrive in the most stressful environment is what I respect in her the most.

Process of cutting-off: “choices are limited and decision must be executed”, myself and Sumedha thought one day. We discern we need to re-establish this company internally and operationally to bring it on a track it was originally destined for. Choices were narrowed down, financials were limited, debts were compounding, product was far from reality and almost no traction; certainly a decision required to be executed upon!

Resilience is good, madness must be a necessity but it should be gentle… I learned this a day when Sumedha was in anguish over repetitive an cyclic mistakes done in company and as the result we were going nowhere on path of execution. She one day clearly stated to me, “Either shut the company or drive it thoughtfully and with careful considerations.” “Ego must be kept outside the door,” the phrase affixed on Epilen Career web page. But it was certainly discomfiting me, but then I was being course corrected when I was very far from the shore to where it all started from. And then it was clear to me — she was correct!

An ugly side of speeding oneself with time is you lose the gravity of yourself — and there you need a mindful thought to gain a new perspective.

“Let’s restructure the entire company!”, I told Sumedha and then it was like making a lot of decisions over many months, whether we love it or not and re-shape Epilen entirely.

We cut down all major expenses, leaving behind only what appeared to be important and turned-off people whom we considered inadequate for Epilen and a fix plan for a product release. I bounced back with my energy and dive again into an ocean of opportunities and challenges wholeheartedly. We cut-down resources to 3 people including ourselves, just 3! There was now no time for bullshit and there was no option other than to be laser focused on our plans.

While Sumedha was in-charge of getting the technology right and product live; I was focusing on Investment rounds, Market assessment, acquisitions and partnerships. The systematic coordination resulted into perfect synchronization coupled with team work resulted into today’s release and another app to come by 30 September 2018. What I received is the most expensive lesson till today and I am thankful to Sumedha for this coordination, determination and drive to achieve success. While I can say now, our friendship and our understanding is not only limited to each other but also directed towards a greater purpose of to serve this world and make it a better place!

Being surrounded by 3 sisters, I never got understanding of what it meant to have a brother in life. Building a sustainable and viable business is never a one-man show. Moral support is often required… and people who believe in you must be there always. Saurav from Pune; I can define him as a genius in electronics, software and technology and it is this passion to create the best out of it drives him ahead. I still remember when I met him in my school — he was 2 class ahead of me. It’s been almost 14 years but look like day one! We have been coding software together for almost 12 years, I can brilliantly say about him being one of the best friend and brother I have in my life! Whether it’s brainstorming over the idea, or being on Team Viewer to resolve an open issue late night till 3 am, or helping Epilen to gain the technology insight, or as simple as supporting me monetary at times when I needed it — he is with me all the time and one of the hidden treasure of Epilen too. I am thankful to you for all the faith you’ve upon me. I will never let you down!

One of the most important contribution in today’s release of the app is attributed to Gaurav — designed all the user interfaces for the app. When we couldn’t hire a designer, he came forward and supported us in this endeavor. Works with a self-directed approach and with thoughtful process; his contribution to Epilen can never be forgotten. On every Doctor’s screen, your design is going to get visible! Thank you.

Who is the 3rd at Epilen? She is hardworking, persevere through odd times and soft spoken — Aayushi — Epilen’s Software Engineer. She took the responsibility and coded the entire back-end for Epilen, her hard work is what I admire her for. Thank you Aayushi for all your contribution at Epilen.

I am obliged to my sister Kanishka who scolds me but trusts me. I am lucky to have a brother and a friend like you Pradeep, who can manage me in all situations. From taking care of my smallest of things to supporting me in tough times, you are the best!

In this entire journey, there were people who came and went off; but whatever period they were in during this journey, they were incredibly supportive. I am thankful to all such people to help create Epilen at some time during this journey. I am indebted to Kumar Saurav for all his support towards Epilen! We will not let you all down.

Thanks to Satish Kumar Kataria, Dr. Himanshu Shekhar and all our advisors and partners. We continue to strive for best in our work. Thank you so much Shashi for advising me at most important times.

I am proud to work with people who hold high level of commitment and the determination to succeed.

I wholeheartedly thanks Sumedha, without you it was never possible. Your leadership style of being laser focused and my skills will compliment each other to create Epilen into the company we dream of! I am highly inspired by your words and actions that helps Epilen stay focused and be on a correct path. Let’s build it together!
When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

I started with… There comes a time in every life where the past recedes and the future opens. It’s that moment when you turn to face the unknown.

To conclude, Some will turn back to what they already know. Some will walk straight ahead into uncertainty. I can’t tell you which one is right. But I can tell you which one is more fun. Phil Knight said it correctly.

More new announcements soon