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We’re excited to share a few updates with you!

SideCar — Drive less, do more.

We have redesigned and renamed Sherpa to SideCar. We love the new name and hope you do too!

We are almost ready for beta testing with SideCar prototype units.

Tempo — An Electronic Body Temperature Detection System

Epilog has completed the development and filed a patent for Tempo, an advanced remote fever detection system. This product started out as a generic concept and evolved into a comprehensive solution as we identified major competitor shortcomings. Accurate fever detection normally involves expensive sensors, external temperature references (black body devices) and only reliably works at a single distance. …

It’s been quite the summer for us here at Epilog AI, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes and are continuing to develop and test our products. We’re excited to share some updates with you!

560MP System

On April 16th, 2020, Epilog entered a contract with a leading US sports and entertainment company (NYSE traded) to explore developing the highest resolution camera system in the world. The initial goal was to demonstrate a 16K x 16K (250MP) Proof of Concept (POC) with an image quality exceeding an IMAX theater, or over 100 TV screens.

Epilog just completed a POC demonstrating an image…

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, study, modify, and enhance. The implications of open source software are significantly philosophical and developmental. Computer software is developed by writing code in a selected program language. Before it can be run as a program, it’s compiled into binary code that is unreadable to people, but readable by a computer. Proprietary software contains additional licensing that prohibits the reverse-engineering of the code. But with open source software, the original programming is made available alongside the final executable program. …

Epilog AI

Introducing SideCar — A self-driving retrofit for your car. Visit to learn more.

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