Exploring Roofing Possibilities fir New Construction

Stephen Evans
Mar 17, 2018 · 2 min read

New construction provides an opportunity to place any type of roof desired on the home or business. Consulting with a roofing expert while in the planning stages is wise. Consultants will assess the building plans, do cost engineering for the best options, and consider the budget and preferences of the building owner. Making an informed decision will save time, money, and regrets when the final project is completed.

Working with Other Professionals

Once a decision has been made, the consultant will work with architects, developers, building code inspectors, and the construction company to make sure the roof is properly installed. Most consultants are from experienced Roofing companies denver, so they are familiar with the climate extremes, roofing materials, and the wide array of protective coatings for both flat and metal roofs. This service transfers well to existing building owners who need roofing repairs or restoration as well.

Metal Roofs

This type of roof is sturdy, comes with manufacturer warranties that range from twenty to thirty years, and can be coated for extra strength and protection for any leaks. The latest coating goes on after the roof is on the building. It has excellent insulation properties for increased efficiency, provides wind resistance, and adheres to most metal surfaces. Adding the coating will protect the most vulnerable part of a metal roof which is where the seams overlap.

Flat Roofs

These are more complicated, so be sure the company chosen for commercial roofing Denver has installed many flat roofs. Drainage is a big problem when not installed properly. Moisture can get trapped between layers if they are not pulled tight enough or poured correctly. New developments are utilizing the roof space to make up for smaller living spaces. Patios and gardens are dwindling on the ground, so many are being moved to the roof.


Inspections can also be completed by consultants. This is ideal for problems that have not been detected by other inspectors. Building owners who want to increase efficiency or make major renovations will also benefit from the services of a consultant. A consultant is also more objective than some inspectors because they do not express a preference of any brand or manufacturer of roofing materials.

The cost of a consultant is minimal and will save owners time and money for many years into the future. Discuss needs and present a reasonable budget to the consultant who will handle the rest of the research and provide a detailed estimate for each option.

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