Creation is to bring something into existence. To bring into existence is have a purpose to have brought into existence. If you say there is a Creator, you automatically state that you are a creation and this then necessitates purpose.

Purpose is fulfilled by the proper functioning of the creation. Pleasure is what the Creator experiences when the creation is functioning according to purpose. Joy is what the creation experiences in the functioning according to purpose.

But we must see first that before you begin to talk of your own purpose, we must ask of the purpose of man himself as a creation for you are a kind of the creation man. The point is not first about the particular man it is about the species Man. The purpose of man, for it is when this is found, one can have his own place in asking:

Am I functioning as man should?

This world is evidently seen to have gone wrong if there is a Creator. Because if creation is to give pleasure to the Creator, it means that it is to function properly and this banishes the death of the creation, because death would not be included in proper functioning since proper functioning is to the pleasure of the Creator. Thus the existence of death implies the necessity of malfunction.

We have to be shown that the manner of things is not the Pattern of things. That there is a fundamental disorder in creation not only of man.

Thus if a man says He has found the true God, that is the Creator, then by necessity it means he is to be on a path to order , not as to the whole world but in himself in particular so as to become the epitome of man is to function as. Thus the matters of God are not matters of rituals of and patterns copied from others. If a man says He has found the Lord Jesus, the man is saying he is on a path to the reality of the truth of man in creation.

This is a matter, this is what we are to be shown in simplicity, that the matter at hand is the reality of the purpose of man. So then this purpose has to be given us, for it is by this revelation we measure our correctness as men.

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