Setting and Life

The existence of creation necessitates purpose. The realization of purpose is the end of creation wherein the truth of the creation is seen. And what we speak of is not the the purpose of a particular man but the purpose of man, the very purpose of man as a creation.

Now the realization of purpose is on the basis of the proper settings of the creation. Thus if any creation is to realize it’s purpose by manifesting it must have it’s proper settings itself and it has to be alive. Thus if the TV is proper in the way it should be and life is communicated to it in the form of electricity it will manifest it’s purpose because it is in such as state that the creator desires it to be and thus manifests it’s design.

Thus there are three things

1. Setting

2. Life

3. Manifestation

A TV may have proper setting but till electricity there is no manifestation. But first it is to have the proper setting, then the life designed by the creator.

Now as to man we have that there are two parts to the man. There is the soul and the body. This is evident in that we see bodies that are dead and they are the same as other bodies that are living, implying there is another Matter that is missing from the dead body, that part we do not see, called the soul. Thus there is the soul — the man himself and the body. For the body which is a creation it is alive when the soul is in it, and it has it’s setting which is in the body being the way it should be — like blood not flowing out, no pain in a part,… and then manifestations begin in walking, talking eating,…

And we say that the soul is also a creation and thus has it’s own Life. Thus then a man himself can be dead and not in the proper settings though his body is alive if he is in the body. The body being alive manifests in the existence of the man on the earth. The soul being alive manifests in the man’s living. The body manifests it’s propriety in talking. The soul manifests it propriety in the kind of things said. So as one can look at a body and say it looks like this, one can’t look at the soul but can look at the words and actions of a man and trace who the soul looks like.

So we see how that man has two parts and each has it’s own life. That the first part — the soul is life for the body and that the soul being a creation has it’s own life. The manifestation of the body being alive is in walking, talking, eating, and other actions, generally words and actions (including inactions). The manifestation of the soul is in the things said and the things done.

This is the setup of man and deadness and/or impropriety will result in manifestations not in accordance with purpose and thus purpose will not be realized. The man and any other creation, all being creations must be in the accordance of the setup for proper functioning unto purpose for each one.