If my view should be subject to the objective, of what ground should my subjective view come from?
Orikemi Lawal Abiodun

You get the point now, you see there is an objective and whatever anyone says is subjective, so each person is calling his own subjective the objective, even you.

Now you see that once a person has a subjective which he will say is the objective, all should follow from that, this is why you see that in the second response above you are using your subjective as a basis saying ‘why don’t other people see it?’ and they will be asking you why you too do not see their own as the objective.

So this is a matter of there being a Objective that exists, but that man is incapable of coming to a unified conclusion of the truth of that Objective. If many men were blind physically we will have the same problem with the sun, because the blindness means there will be no consensus on the existence of the sun. And the worst matter is that unlike the sun this is the singular most important Objective because it determines the existence of man. Thus we see how messed up the condition of man is. And even worse than the fact that there are many subjectives, is that some are not concerned about the matter and just have the subjective they picked from somewhere and when picked they do not go after it.

So the matter is to question yours own subjective to see how objective it is, to question how you arrived at this subjective, to question that history was written by men and what has been passed down to you may be made-up, to question if really your subjective is the Objective.