Getting Inside a MLM Plan through Board Plan/Matrix Cycle Plan

Multi-Level Marketing hits the market without fortune once, but now as days and years went passed is becoming a common term. A home-stay plan with an enormous cash flow is the ultimate aim of every person who gets involved with this sort of business.

Board Plan

A 2*2 Matrix plan otherwise known to be a board plan is a cyclic pursuing strategy. A money- guaranteed platform uniquely set with a specific member board.

The name itself helps in understanding the idea behind the plan; a board of members is the ultimate element of the plan.

So how does the board plan works?

There will be a certain people at each level which is to be filled by the parent taker. The numbers of each level varies in accordance with the organizational structure of the plan.

Now let’s take a case of 2 members at first level and say A & B. They will be the permanent members of the first group/cycle. Then the next board members join and placed underneath them with 2 members in left and similarly in right.

So an absolute value of 4 members will be there in the secondary level, say C, D, E and F. Thus, a cycle complete and the taker rewards with the double amount of what he paid as a joining fee.

The order of second cycle will always be left-right end.

After a cycle gets completed, the next cycle starts but the member A will be dismissed from the party permanently. So the primary level will include B and C with D, E, F and G in the secondary level respectively.

This plan continues so on and the parent taker will be beneficial from the plan. The plan does revolve around different elements of schemes and one can select plans in accordance with their choice.

Note: The plan may vary with companies as they are the ones who implement the strategy.

Make your plan first and then get inside the MLM business. Live no stone unturned fellows!

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