Are you what you eat, mentally and physically?!

What goes inside the body will eventually appear outwardly, especially when not expelled from the body, elimination. Ideally, when you intake, you should have an outtake, eliminate, and reduce your chances of Colon cancer. Elimination is one of the best gifts you can give to your body. The body is designed to release excess waste after the needed nutrients are extracted and distributed to the necessary organs, blood, cells, arteries, etc.

We eat, sleep, work and play! Too often, we take the body for granted until an ache or pain appear. By this time, “you are a day late and a dollar short’, as the older people used to say. The body is a gift from God and designed to give you what you need for a good life. Treat it like a diamond, polish it and watch it glow for you.

Lack of knowledge is no longer an excuse but a crutch. With the age of the computer and technology, ,you don’t even have to leave your home or state of being to get knowledge. There are books, dvds, cds, computers, IPhone, IPad, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

Youtube has videos for how to, covering any topic on this earth. You can learn from the simplest to the most complex. You just have to have a willing to do the homework. When you know better you can do better and teach another and that one will teach another and eventually obesity will no longer be a detriment to our society.

Also, there are other medias and TV Shows, like Oprah, Dr. Oz, The doctors, newspapers, magazines, google, etc. Make google your best friend. When youtube or any of these others methods are not fulfilling, google it. You seek it, google will find it. As per the bible, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”, and that’s a fact. Not knowing is no longer an excuse but a crutch.

Don’t crutch you way to an early grave by eating lots of refine carbs, sodas, tons of sugar, potato chips, fast foods. Think back when your grandmother made a meal with lots vegetables, protein, potatoes and she always said, “eat your vegetables”! Now you know why. It’s the veggies that truly give you energy. Yes, the brain does need sugar to function but sugar from fruits is the best. Complex carbs also aids your energy level. You truly are what you eat so eat the best! When in doubt use the Kiss Method.


Kiss method, proteins, nuts, vegetables, an fruits. It’s just that simple. Note the difference in your body when you use the Kiss Method when eating. Also, add lots of water to your diet and this will aid in elimination. Daily you should drink at least half your body weight. The body is roughly 75% water on the average and requires and need water to function. Don’t be like a fish out of water, “Dead”.

Eating healthy will enhance the mental and physical but exercise should not be omitted from your daily regimen. Exercising like healthy foods will aid the mental and physical you.

MinutlessWorkout is perfect challenge using weights to build endurance and stamina. This endurance will filter into cardio, strength training and balance. The quads, triceps, biceps, calves, arms, heart, lungs, abs are being rejuvenated as you hop during the MinutelessWorkout. Remember, Commitment, consistency and passion are your true cheerleaders. Disclaimer: Do you and watch your form. Celebrate you!! For additional inspiration: See below

Cardio and Strength Training with weights

For inspiration and motivation:

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