Are your eyes on the destination or the journey?! What’s on your radar! “

Life is like a dress rehearsal, because if it wasn’t God would have given you a road map. We are born to die and it’s just that simple and none of us can do a damn thing about it but live the best we know how.

Everyone is born with a destiny and purpose, no one is exempt. You live and die and what’s in between is God’s gift to you and what you do with that gift or talent is your gift to God and humanity. Many don’t realize or discover their gift. Sometimes, it’s obvious and other times not so obvious. You may need some quiet time to go within to discover your essence. This essence is what drives you to feeling wholeness.

Money does not make you whole. It just affords you to acquire material things but at the end of the day, these material things don’t make you happy and can be a lonely journey. Many find their souls longing for more, some turn to drugs, alcohol or some other forms of addition to fill the void. These only medicate but don’t bring wholeness. Just look around you, famous people, politicians, etc committing suicide. Many long for wholeness, while others just checked out of society.

Soul searching is a good thing and requires a journey within and sometimes without to discover who you really are and why you are on this planet at this moment and time. Seeking without may include that teacher, friend, parent, and/or stranger to pinpoint your obvious talent to them.

Either way, getting to know your talent is crucial. See the path that lies in front of you, chart your course and set short term goals to accomplish the bigger picture. Now, I must caution you, life is short and can change on the spinning of a dime. Yes, just that simple! While obtaining goals are important, enjoying the journey is paramount. See the flowers along the way, smell the roses, see the sunrise before you, the trees, the beauty, the forest, the array of people and so much more.

Goals make you happy but the journey will make you wise, appreciative, build character, relationship and bring a peace and joy that money cannot buy. Some things money just cannot buy, i.e. happiness or health!! What good is money when you are deteriorating mentally and physically. Healthy is the new wealthy.

One cannot enjoy the journey with aches and pains on one’s body. Exercising journey is the best antidote for the body internally and externally. Dieting journey is very short lived most of the time. I recommend exercising journey.

With this journey, see your body metamorphosis into a better you. I am more fit now than I was in my twenties. I exercise six days a week and on the seventh day I rest. The exercising journey makes me feel alive. I enjoy the journey as I learned from others at the gym, gain friendships, learn more do’s and don’ts, watch other, check out the fashionistas, the muscle heads, the hookups, the staff, appreciate the whole gym experience and just be. So as you see, it’s all about the journey that enrich life. While enjoying the journey, fat cells replaced by muscles, upper body stronger, inches disappeared from the hips and waist, heart beats solidly, blood pressure normal, diabetes combated, immune system stronger, more mentally alert, energy level higher, skin glowing, walking with a peppy stride, feeling alive and this list can be endless as you enjoy the exercising journey as I do.

MinuteLessWorkout can be done at home or gym. It is a great routine to balance oneself and build strong legs and calves. Proceed slowly and then build to more of a challenge. Also, isolation works the muscles better than when doing cardio. Balance off, hold on too a rail until you are able to balance just don’t give up or be too hard on yourself. Commitment, consistency, and passion are your cheerleaders!! Disclaimer: “Do you and watch your form!” Love to hear your comments!!

Balancing upper and lower body along with building legs, calves, quads and form!

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