God’s Gives Life and God Takes Life!!!!

As I read this article, “Battle over ill British boy continues” in the La Times to see how the system tampers with life. The court and sometimes the system causes more havoc on the decision to sustaining life than necessary. As I read this article, I just wanted to speak on the child, Charlie Gard, chance for life not matter the grim look of the situation. Did anyone forget that God is still in the Miracle making business. God doesn’t force one to believe in miracles, he just does them before your eyes and choose to allow you to believe or not. God always give us choices.

See: http://www.latimes.com/world/europe/la-fg-britain-charlie-gard-20170713-story.html

Kudos to the United States doctor who has agreed to go to London to share an experimental therapy with little Charlie. This certainly gave his parents a boost, a gleamer of hope. Sometimes, that’s all one needs is hope. The spirit is very powerful and who knows little Charlie’s spirit maybe leaping with joy. God works in mysterious ways and way beyond our comprehension.

These devastated parents find themselves entangled with the legal system making decision regarding a life they brought into this world. There is something wrong with this picture. Not only that, the court should walk in the parents’ footsteps for a moment. I am sure the picture and outcome maybe very different. Back in court, as they proceed to persuade a judge to allow them to bring the terminally ill British baby to the United States or Italy for experimental treatment. Maybe I am naive, but this is a no brainer in my book!! I am just saying!! I am not a judge and do not work in the legal system. Just an advocate for life and speaking out for the silent.

An American doctor testified over a video link that there is new clinical evidence suggesting the 11-month old boy, who suffers with an extremely rare genetic condition, may improve with this trial treatment. Now look, evidence has been presented that the possibility of affecting this baby’s life in an impactful and positive manner, should be paramount to all parties involved.

People wake up, you’re not God! God gives life for a reason and takes life for a reason and has not saw fit to take this young life but allow alternative treatment to be advised whereas traditional prior treatment has failed. This is a miracle. People take the blinders off your eyes, give little Charlie a chance at life. Little Charlie could be you are your child, relative, etc. What happened to compassion for others? Are we reverting back to being barbaric? God has allowed science to come along way for a reason and a season. This is little Charlie seasons, don’t block the Sun from his life. Hear these doctors and hear them well. Listen with your heart and not with your intellect, education and system.

“A child doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Great Ormond Street Hospital made the decision after obtaining a court order to remove Little Charlie from Life Support where he has been since October. Compared to a life time, October is no time at all. Time is endless, just the labels we add to time makes us act or react. Wake up people! Get real here! In spite of the new treatment and evidence the Hospital feel the treatment will not help. Hello doctor to doctor?! Now the parents, return to Court in London to see if the Judge will have a change of heart, to reconsider. Again, a no brainer! Life verses ending life?! Wow!!!

The British Law that supersedes in a dispute between when doctor and families disagree allows the court’s jurisdiction in the decision making, especially when the patient can’t speak for themselves. Little Charlie has severe brain damage and unable to move or breathe on his own but we should allow God to determine the outcome. Everyone should agree to do what is best for this young life!

London, what happens if the U.S. doctors are right? How will you ever know if you don’t give them a chance. At this point, what can you loose!? I am just saying! Other patients have benefited, why not Little Charlie!! There maybe an at least 10% of success, why not take it?!

As you may choose to snuff out a life, a piece of you may die within and as you lie down at night, the reality may hit you when you least expect! One positive note the Court is entertaining the idea and corresponding to all involved parties. This is a miracle and now we are praying for the big miracle, “a chance for Little Charlie to get a chance to have life!” Please don’t continue to strip these parents of their legal and biological rights.! They are willing to pay for this treatment! What is the real issue here?! We want to know. Help us to understand the logic here.

Let’s join in prayer that the British justice system comes through for Baby Charlie or at least give the new treatment a chance and release Baby Charlie from the court system. Stop tormenting this young couple and allow God to work the miracle that has started here.

Everybody try a little compassion above all and seek God in all your decison making and efforts!

“A child doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Lastly,heartfelt thanks to Christina Boyle, Special London Correspondent, and La Times staff writer and Alexander Zavis, LA Times staff writer alerting the World!!