How young and older ladies can enhance their lives, physically and mentally — MinuteLessWorkout — “If you don’t talk to yourself, your thoughts will talk to you!”

When physically getting up in the morning or bending down to pick up an item or getting out of your car, takes effort, this is a sign, the body is screaming for exercise. Now, if there are medical issue or other physical limitations, this does not apply to you.

Change your thinking pattern and change your lifestyle. Today, start telling yourself. “I know that I can do this. I can do anything. I’m unbeatable. I’m unstoppable. I am smart. I am capable. I’m so much closer than I realize. I can see the end goal. I’m making progress. I am nearer to my mountaintop …”

Your chronological age is truly a number and does not necessarily define you or your physical state of being, your mental age. Sedentary at any age will age you and become your new definition. Start where you are now. If not now, when?! Exercising one or two times is a teaser to the body.

Natural physical enhancement requires movement of the body, daily. Remember when you were younger, running, jumping and playing were as simple as breathing, somehow and somewhere along the way physical activity became a chore. When anything becomes a chore, it often gets put on the back burner too often, taking a backseat to other daily responsibility. Note, an agile body can perform daily activity on a more optimum level.

Today, I wasn’t feeling like going to the gym, but I proceeded and am thankful and ready for the world. Today’s workout consisted of cardio, one hour on the treadmill, cycling class, squats, leg presses, hanging from the bars for arms, and pulling cables, see above. This is a new addition to my regimen. Pulling the cables, a wonderful exercise for cardio, arms and building overall strength. I performed one set of twelve reps for my first time and will increase from there with more sets and more reps. My body now feels unbelievable physically enabled.

Challenge is the key ingredient in any workout. Note, always remember to do YOU! Watch your form, and believe in yourself and you will! Love to hear from you!

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