Minute Less Workout

Time to tighten up our triceps and biceps. Push-ups every other day will do the trick. Consistency and commitment are your key elements to betterment! There are many variations of push ups and this video only depict one type for today and in the future will share more varieties. Check out my youtube channel for more in the meantime.


As you do these remember keep your body perfectly aligned, don’t sag in the middle or allow your torso to hang toward the floor. If you don’t want to elevate your feet you can place them straight on the floor and remember don’t allow your upper torso to drop down, keep it straight!

Lastly, eat before a workout and drink lots of water before and after your workout (half your body weight). Also, to boost your metabolism, cayenne pepper is perfect). Muscles are built and rebuilt with protein, so eat lots of protein and protein shakes are ideal.

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