The Dog Who Dared Harvey To Stop Him

As we all know, Texas has been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding throughout has been massive. Many had to flee their homes for shelter, others flooded in and rescue mission crews have been constantly relocation victims to safe grounds. Thank God so far there have been only an estimated eight deaths reported.

Many have lost everything but is thankful for their lives and willing to live on and make it through Harvey. This is the worst hurricane Texas has experienced. Rebuilding like Katrina will take a long time. Thank God for the many celebrities and so many others who are donating massive money to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

On the news, many have been seen walking in flood water waist high trying to make it too higher ground. One of the most notable lone survivor was a dog, a Salvador Segovia. Apparently, he was left in a safe place of his keeper and for some reasons ran away from his safe haven. No where to found the next morning, his owner sought to find him, calling his name out to no avail.

Out of nowhere this dog is spotted just calmly down the street with a big bag of dog food in his mouth. Guess he got hungry or thought he need to get some extra food just in case.

Apparently, he took it from a store where his dog food was always purchased. Some way, he found his way to the same store and got a bag of dog food for himself to take home. My hats off to this one smart dog!! Some call him a looter, I call him a survivor dog!!Kudos!!