The Possibility of Too Hot To Fly??!!

I read that some planes can’t operate in extreme heat, as depicted in Phoenix in June. Really?! Another thing to be concerned with. Flying on airplanes is becoming more and more a chore and oftentimes a nightmare. I remember the day when flying was so delightful and enjoyable with all the amenities that came along with flying included in the price of the ticket.

Flying in the 21st Century is so different from flying back in the day, i.e. you would be privy to snacks, free movies and music and the Airline Staff was at your beck and call. Today on some airlines, a small cup of water is now three dollars, not a bottle of water but a cup whereas yesterday it would have been free. Really airlines?!

Recently, I had the pleasure or not, of flying Spirit Airlines from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Louisiana, direct flight schedule which was canceled the day before my flight departure due to staff shortage. Really, Spirit? Did you really only discover this the day before you were short of staff. This was unheard of yesterday or back in the day. Where are we gong with all this? Not only was my direct flight canceled but I was reschedule the following day regardless of any plans that I may have had. Got an email to this affect. So I contacted the airlines, multiple calls, and was informed to get to my destination on the schedule day, I would have to fly from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia, then to Fort Lauderdale, then to New Orleans arriving late that same night as oppose to early evening as was schedule prior. Their goes my rental car fee for that day! Feeling desperate, I proceeded with this nightmare of flight. Wait, it gets better, due to weather my plane arrived in Florida, approximately thirty minutes late and my flight to New Orleans was schedule to leave Florida during that same thirty minutes. Unknowingly as we circled in the air a bit, my other flight soared from the airport. One plane can’t come in and the other exits the airport like an eagle. LOL!! No other flights leaving out that night, so you got it, “I had to sleep in the airline terminal all night because the next flight didn’t leave out until 7AM the next morning. Yes, I did it! What choice did I have in the middle of nowhere!? What choice did I have. Years ago, airlines who put you up in a hotel overnight, pick you up the next morning for your flight. Gosh, how I long for yesterday!! Now mind you, I had reservation at a local Louisiana Hotel to connect with family for one day stay for the original schedule flight night and checking out the following morning. My saga continues, I arrived at the hotel an hour before checkout time. Thank God the staff was gracious and refunded my non-refundable fee. Also, thank God I traveled with a small backpack because who knows where my luggage would have landed.

Having said all that, now I must contend with the possibility that a flight may overheat during extremely hot weather based on a recent study. Phoenix had to cancel dozens of flights because some planes could not operate in such extreme heat. This is being predicted as a grave possibility in the near future due to global climate change. Also, this study estimated that 10% to 30% of fully loaded planes may have to remove fuel, cargo, passengers to fly during the hottest parts of the day or wait for temperature to drop.

According to this study, “as temperatures rise, air becomes less dense,which means that aircraft wings generate less lift as a plane gains speed along a runway. Here is one more thing to contend with. i.e. American Airlines cancelled 60 flights from June 19 through June 21st after the climate at Phoenix Airport soared to 119 degrees. Note, these passengers were rebooked without a fee! Without a fee!!??


Flying is becoming more and more a bigger and ginormous nightmare. Now, when I think of flying I get tired. You never know how much you appreciate something until it no longer exist. Yesterday flying on planes was really a delight whereas today’s flying well, all I can say, “unpredictable” and that’s a fact!

A note to the wise, “expected the unexpected, assume nothing and be ready to adjust to just about anything and the bottom line stay in shape because you never know when you may have to sprint through the airport like O.J. Simpson did in his commercial years ago. LOL!!

There is nothing I can personally do about any of this, except inform you and to encourage you to stay in shape to be prepared for that sprint through the airport one day.

MinuteLessWorkout on a daily basis will provide the flexibility you may need one day to sprint through the airport. I am just saying just in case. Below are a few from my YouTube channel. Subscribe or view daily for updates:

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