Update: God’s Gives Life and God Takes Life!!!!

Baby Charlie Gard’s parents has decided not to seek any longer experimental treatment in the United States or else where but has decided to allow the courts to terminate his life when they decide too.

This is very sad, because why not give it a chance. The parents according to Media felt that time has played a factor in the irreversible brain damage of Baby Charlie. Also, there is some media that stated that doctors gave false hope.

Hope is hope and better than no hope at all. At the end of the day, hope is all we have along with our faith. The medical establishment should prolong life according to their oath and give the rest to God. However, see the original story beneath. Just wanted to give an update. Pray for this family, the doctors and the court system.

London (CNN)The UK court presiding over the case of Charlie Gard will make its decision Wednesday on where and when the terminally-ill child will die.

In a surprise move, the family’s lawyers and mother Connie Yates returned to the High Court on Tuesday after abandoning legal action the previous day over treatment for the 11-month old, who is currently on life support.

At stake is whether his ventilation tubes should be withdrawn in the hospital, in hospice, at home soon after transfer or at home after a period of days.

Charlie Gard’s parents want to bring their son home from hospital to die. But the hospital argued Tuesday that there were no doctors able to oversee Charlie’s death at home. The court has given the family until noon tomorrow to find a medical practitioner prepared to take up the case.

“I will make my final decision tomorrow unless there is something that comes up tomorrow,” said Justice Francis, who is presiding over the case.

The court heard Tuesday how London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), which is caring for Charlie, had concerns about getting the right medical equipment into Charlie’s home and had suggested a hospice and a mediator. Lawyers for Charlie’s parents said they were willing to pay all costs and had other suitable family properties if needed.

“I am sensing that timing is a lot of the problem here,” said the judge. “It now seems to hinge partly on how long parents want to keep Charlie alive at home.”

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