Week 17 Breast Cancer/First Support Kaiser Group

From Week 13 thru Week 17, it has been a few weeks since an update, all has been very quiet and moving along okay. Even have gotten used to the expanders in my breast, almost feel like normal, until I attempt to hug someone. I feel like I will be sticking them in the chest with these hard expanders. Mostly, I just do a half hug so no one can feel them or get poked with them. Sometimes, I do a side hug.

Also, as my doctor warned that these expanders may trigger an alarm via security at the airport. So far so good. Every time I had to go through security was a bit nervous but noting happen yet. Thank God. Most recent had two trips back to back and all was well. As my doctor had warned me not to be embarrassed because this is common nowadays.

A couple of weeks, I decided to attend a support group to check in with other ladies who may experiencing or have experienced breast cancer. Made the appointment via Kaiser and arrived at the appointed time and location. There were about seven ladies there and one facilitator. It was a very welcoming group, mostly much older women and different ethnicity. Listening to others stories about their bout with breast cancer or other types of cancer confirmed how blessed I am. Many are yet in chemo or radiation and the ravages of that. Everyone was very supportive and caring. Everyone had an opportunity to share not only their stories but any problems or issues they are facing at the moment. The facilitator was very nice but too even keel for me, almost boring. I like someone who is upbeat and have motivational energy. She was nice but sedated to a monotone level. In spite of her energy, the ladies as we discussed with each other became much more alive as we interacted outside of her input. Maybe she is trained to be laid back.

After all shared, the facilitator ask me what is my issue and status of my cancer situation. She asked the question as though she predicted doom and gloom. I advised, I have no issues and have no cancer and just wanted to bring and receive from the group. Advise her that I had gone through a double mastectomy, had the surgery in the morning and home by night. They all seemed surprise. I thought that was the norm for all surgeries of this nature. Shared about my recovery process kicked in largely when I discontinue the prescribed drugs and resume some physical activities outside of the gym for about two weeks then back into the gym, my orders,not the doctor. I know my limitations better. All the ladies were impressed with my tenacity. Even the facilitator chimed in and advised that we are our best doctor for them most part.

I am enjoying my life because tomorrow is not promised to no one. I try to bring a light everywhere I go. You know how they say, “if you want it you have to bring it”‘, so I did. I shared uplifting knowledge about living in the now and various technologies that are out their for entertaining purpose. If one can happily entertain themselves the body will heal itself even faster. As I shared my knowledge of other workshops, classes, then the other ladies started to chimed in and shared their knowledge of events, classes, etc. It all turned out to be very rewarding for all. Even the facilitator complimented me on being postive and sharing value information with the group. I was pleased with her assessment and the other ladies seem to be equally happy to have the info as I was with the info they shared with me. It was a win win.

Also, inquired if Kaiser had a fitness program for the ladies and I was advised only yoga. I suggested that I would like to institute a fitness program as part of the healing regiment. The facilitator advised to contact the education department. Then, I shared with the ladies the importance of exercising and their healing processes. This was my main reason for attending the group. When one is going through like we are, they often put fitness on the back burner. Since I have fitness line coming out in a few months, I wanted to introduced my line to the ladies and advise how my product can be used at home or in the gym or anywhere.

My product is a group of Resistance bands of various strength from light to super heavy and is perfect tool for at home or in the gym fitness and are a perfect workout for the entire body, upper and lower. The ladies appeared to be interested so I will return when my product arrive and see if we can get that healing process to speed up with a bit of fitness. Below are a few exercises that the resistance bands can be used for. Follow my channel or subscribe, for daily updates.

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