Week 7 Breast Cancer Changed My Life

Week 7 Has been the best yet! I am feeling pretty normal with the expanders still yet inside my breast. My muscle memory has adjusted to them and I can move around with some normalcy. Before it felt like a hard rock inside my chest. Guess, I have gotten used to them. It has been a week and a half since my filling. I am wearing my regular clothes so far and that’s a good thing. I had a concerned out not being able to wear my old clothes and having to buy all new clothes. I guess wearing padded bras in the past, my clothes fit the expanders. I am due for another filling this coming Wednesday. Each filling stretches my chest muscles and the restless nights start all over again. But I will stretch as the doctor advise to ease the muscles contracting and causing all the pain in my entire upper body. I am not complaining.

Thank God for my medical care which has covered practically all my cost of surgery and implants surgery soon to come in a month or so. Implants cost thousands of dollars and due to my past employer’s medical plan of lifetime medical care, I am covered. It’s is a scary thought not to have coverage and with the new medical plan to affect the middle and lower class, I am blessed to have had this done at this time. Medical care is up in the air and who knows what is going to happen in the future. One thing for sure there is one God and he rules all so all my hope reside in him no matter what.

Also, know your own body. You are your best doctor. I have almost returned to my fitness regimen using weights. Today was the first day that I used free weights to do flies. Yeah, my range of motion is returning. My doctor said no weights higher than five pounds. My body says otherwise. I am not lifting up to seventeen pounds. Note, I started out with very light weight to see how my body adjusted and it did. Common sense plays a large part in healing. I listen to my body and it advises what to do and not do. Also, my doctor totally ruled out the cycling bike, have been back on it for three weeks now and I am fine. Just apply what my body wants to do. Also, discovered this week that I can reach the top handlebars with out any straining. I am getting there. Everything gets better, as long as we don’t give up. Never said any of this was easy, it was not.

Psychologically, I had to make some mental adjustments because I felt like breast implants made me feel almost fake or something. Had a good talk with myself and accepted they are what they are and it’s all good. Health reasons supplants all false conceptions of vanity. Still not ready to tell the whole world yet but some day I will. I am getting there. Time will happen when it suppose to happen and what will be will be when it is suppose to be. Stay tune.

Even went back to teaching elementary school as a substitute teacher and it was not bad. Truthfully, I was a little scared but not bad. My fear was all psychologically. I am now free of that inhibition. Sometimes, you have to take life by it’s head and pursue on. Glad I did!

For two months, have not been able to sleep on my stomach, yeah, I can do that now. My body is adjusting and mentally and physically I am on my way to being and enjoying my life on a new level. Also, even though the doctor said I couldn’t lift more than five pounds weights, little by little, I have worked my way up to lifting twenty pounds. I am so excited. Things once taken for granted is now a milestone and I am grateful. Everyday is a new day and new adventure, the past is gone and the future is up ahead while I live in the now. Hope this encourages someone as they walk through a valley at the moment, keep stepping toward a better day.

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