“What to do Ladies when those triceps are sagging and called by children, By-bye Fat!”MinuteLessWorkout!

Don’t wait to late and never beginning should not be an option for anything for your betterment! Now is of the essence. The life you save today maybe your own. Be your own doctor, don’t wait for that pill or external antidote. You’re only putting a band-aid on a situation that will not get better on it’s own.

Tomorrow never comes, today is what counts and it’s up too you to make it count. When you see bodily changes, arrest them now, if you don’t they will incarcerate you later! Waiting only makes things that much more harder and then you feel hopeless. This is where the danger point lies because you may be tempted not to do and this is truly a recipe for disaster!! Rome was not built in a day and your body did not change overnight unless there is some medical issues and I doubt it will change instantly.

When you look in the mirror, be realistic about what you observe! Be truthful and allow reality to propel you to get going to arrest the change that is beginning to occur. Listen, no one is exempt as we all age, aging is inevitable unless you die young. You can choose to live a quality and wholesome life or doom your sedentary life to much pain and medicine.

MinuteLessWorkout only requires consistency and commitment. Today, we are focusing on our triceps and biceps muscles. Muscles burn fat and we should aim to burn fat and build muscles. Begin with weights that give you a moderate challenge and build from there. i.e. three pounds may be your beginning point, listen to your body, it will tell you what it can handle. Everyone is different. Remember, always just do you. To burn fat, more reps with less weight and to build muscles and tone, less reps and more weight. Please don’t look for results physically instantly, just do it and know that the results are inevitable. Above find various options to workout your upper body and arms. Reminder, watch your form and as always just do You!! Every other day, for your upper body and arms will reap the benefits you desire in time. Hope this helps you!! Love to hear your thoughts. Exercise and diet equals a better you!!! Until the next time!! Be like Nike, “Just Do It”!

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