Where there is smoke, there is fire! Mr.Police!

Where there is smoke, there is fire! Mr.Police!

Another life taken unnecessarily and this needs to stop! Sad part about this, is that it has been going on for many years and due to modern day technology much is coming to the forefront. So many innocent and some guilty people have been unnecessarily murdered. In the last few years, due to technology I have seen what appears to be an increase of minority killings up 200%. These lives were taking by people trained to protect the community, police officers. Somehow, protecting the community doesn’t seem in a lot of the cases to be the order of the day. Guilty until proven innocence seem to be what belies a lot of these merciless shootings across the Country.

Today a Minneapolis woman was shot and killed by a police officer. According to the news and newspaper, this lady contacted the police office to report a sexual assault. As she stood outside near a car she was shot.

See the article: http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-minnesota-shooting-20170717-story.html

Millions of dollars were spent to make the police department more transparent and accountable with video cameras to capture altercations of this nature. These two cops’ cameras were not turned on. Why? The public needs to know why they were not, they had them on? Not using the camera should be synonymous to leaving your gun behind when going on duty. The camera is a part of the gear just as the gun. Now this lady family is demanding answers and so far have not be given any. This situation has been all too common especially in African American communities across the Country.

This Australian Meditation teacher who was engaged to be married in a few months was reportedly killed by an officer who fired from the passenger seat of a squad car as she stood outside the driver’s door. Really?!! Did he feel threaten? Why did he draw his gun? Isn’t the rule, only draw your gun when you intend to use it? Guns don’t kill, people do? Sexual assault involves at least two people, didn’t the police think of this fact? How does an assault in the alley, warrants shooting a lady standing outside next to a car? So many questions need to be answered and these police that are shooting in this manner needs to be made accountable. “If you do the crime, you have to do the time.” Perhaps, we should apply this rule 100% to police officers with happy fingers.

Two days have passed and no explanation to the family or media. The Police Department is waiting to interview the police who were at the scene. Really?! It takes two days to interview a staff member, Mohamed Noor, the officer? He has been on the force since 2015.

Where there is smoke there is fire! Noor was sued this year after a May 25 incident where he and another officer took a woman to a hospital on a mental health hold, violating the woman’s rights as they entered her home without her permission and Noor grabbed her wrist and upper arm. There is a lawsuit pending.

This is Smoke Signal number one. Also, there are three complaints on file. One dismissed and two pending. Where there is smoke there is fire. Witness concur that this lady was shot by this officer through the driver’s door. One lady termed this an execution or sort. This is so sad. I wonder if this could have been prevented if the smoke was snuffed out on the onset with some special training of sort. If smoke continues, one day an amber may ignite and cause and out of control fire, savage murdering of an innocent life.

Perhaps, these officers should walk in the footsteps of the many victims who have been killed in an unwarranted manner. They should attend a boot-camp of reality check, “What Would You Do?” Sometimes, I wonder if some of these cops have become numb to taking a life in this manner, or do they feel some ire superiority in their position.

Taking a life is never the right thing to do, police training seem to be, “shot first and ask question later”. Mr. Police, what if this was your wife, daughter, sister, mother or family member being treat this way, how would you feel? I think if a police knows he has a problem then he needs to seek help via the department or outside.

Being a police, makes one a servant of the community not a Rambo to feel some sense of warped superiority or hiding behind a badge to kill because you have a gun. I am feeling stressed just thinking how bad things of getting. When I look at a cop, not sure what to think and definitely choose not too interact. Can’t tell the good cop from the bad cop, so I will stay my distance.

My recommendation to all, think first when interacting with the police force, you just don’t know. Yes, most definitely, keep your technology at your finger tips so it will not be your words against their’s. You know that outcome. You have seen it a thousand time.

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