Why women are not flocking to the gym on a daily basis or ever? “— — MinuteLessWorkout —Putting the broom to the fat — fat waist, fat back, just plain fat! Trim your waistline simply with a broom, every other day, mimimum!!

Often times women don’t go to the gym because of economics, or fear of the unknown! They often feel that everyone will be watching them, or they might look out of place or afraid they wouldn’t know where to start, or they don’t have to right workout clothes….blah…blah….and the list goes on into eternity. I say if you really decided to go, you will go no matter what or if you don’t go, there is much you can do at home. There are many items in your home that you can use as workout tools, i.e. chair, heavy books, broom, pole, under bed rods, potted plants, just be creative and make it work for you. Today, I choose to provide a simple routine you can use a broom with. Use the broom for the upper body to trim your obliques.

Place the broom behind you and twist, side to side. How many sets and reps depend on you and what you can handle. Always push the envelope as far as you can, meaning keep twisting side to side until you can’t anymore! That is your break-point. Let’s say you have done three sets of ten (10) reps, and that’s breaking point, just add a few more reps, not sets, just additional reps. If you think you can you will! I guarantee you will feel more accomplished. Each day, keep challenging yourself in the aforementioned manner and the results are forthcoming. Also, drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fiber and try the belly tonic, cucumbers, celery, lemon and coconut water, blend and drink on an empty stomach if you can. To thine on-self be true and know thyself. Remember always, just do you!!

Watch your form! You may say, “Why?” Because whatever form you consistently hold your body in, it will grow in that manner. If you curve your back all the time, it will curve and one day you may discover your back is curved and you can’t stand straight, especially if you are an older person. As we age, bone loss is inevitable but exercise can slow that process.

For this exercise, please keep in mind, stand erect and place the broom handle at your middle back and swing side to side, feel a pulling in your sides or obliques. This exercise you actually can do every single day or if you can’t do everyday then every other day would be optimum. Exercising the obliques and abs will produce a smaller waistline. Your obliques and abs will respond to consistency and repetition, results take time and efforts. Like riding a bicycle, it took lots of trial and errors until you were able to ride a bike competently. Undoing takes efforts, the best part about undoing is that it is possible. Remember, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Modify and let the body testify without you saying a word, others will speak it!! Commit, consist and do You!! Hope this article was helpful to you!! Stay tune more is coming tomorrow!!

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