Epiphany Weekly Report #17

Dear EPIPHANY Community Members:

Thank you for your continuous support. Every week we will share the most relevant updates on EPIPHANY’s project in tech development, marketing and community building.


Epiphany Platform

  • Optimization of sliding verification upon log in
  • Implementation and testing of solutions to known bugs
  • Debugging of ‘Brokerage’ functions
  • Debugging of ‘C2C’ functions
  • Optimization of algorithm behind ‘C2C’ functions
  • Feedback from Closed Beta reviewed and tested
  • Optimization of 1-minute and 5-minute K-lines
  • Addition of user trade verification

Marketing and Community

Platform Testing

Our Closed Beta Test has come to an end. We would like to thank all testers who participated and gave constructive feedback. During the testing period, we received more than 200 feedback and bug reports all of which are carefully reviewed and tested. Staying on the technical development side of things, there will be a short run of public beta test for everyone who is interested. Expect the public test to go live within the fortnight.

Prior to the eventual launch of the exchange platform itself, announcements will be made so all users will have ample time to withdraw and complete their daily log-in tasks.

We would also like to remind all users again about the withdraw procedures. Please have a read of this article if you are unfamiliar with the rules or procedures.


Becoming a first-rate global super trading engine platform for digital assets; enabling licensed institutes to rapidly establish their own trading system for digital assets based on EPIPHANY; enabling each participant to trade in a relieved and safe way; and enabling each regulatory authority to monitor EPIPHANY’s operation in real time to reach openness, transparency, and compromise

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact kevin.xu@epnex.io, or EPIPHANY Twitter.

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