May 23, 2018 · 2 min read

EPIPHANY is a new exchange platform which will be released in August, 2018.

One of our main features to add value to the current market is a new and innovative brokerage service, which will help new investors to earn money from day 1. Certified brokers and proven experienced investors will have an option be ‘followed’ in their investment decisions.

All brokers will have a score based on their transactions volume and earnings rate. Brokers will be ranked on performance. The components and weights for ranking are as follows:
• Past profit / loss ratio (50%)
• Trading volume (30%)
• Number of ‘followers’ (10%)
• Other data (10%)

The ranking will be updated in real time, investors can choose and compare their brokers.

To learn more about the brokerage service click here

Our second valuable contribution to the market is to create a semi-decentralized cluster of compliant exchanges to bring quality service in all regions of the world. EPN holders and strategic partners will have a voice and a vote in the future decision of the ecosystem.

We strongly belief that following the first rule of bring ‘decentralized’ has been lost by many exchanges. We are here to bring that principle back in the business.This way, all exchanges will be able to vote to protect the interests of their users.


Becoming a first-rate global super trading engine platform for digital assets; enabling licensed institutes to rapidly establish their own trading system for digital assets based on EPIPHANY; enabling each participant to trade in a relieved and safe way; and enabling each regulatory authority to monitor EPIPHANY’s operation in real time to reach openness, transparency, and compromise

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact raul.falquez@epnex.io, or EPIPHANY Twitter.

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