EPOCH Token Launch Report


The pre-sale time of EPO tokens is from January 1, 2018 to January 5, 2018, 5 days in total. During the pre-sale period, all tokens in the planned quota are available for sale without the maximum or minimum limit.

Pre-sale details:

Maximum pre-sale limit: 40 million (including 20 million for private placement)

Pre-sale ICO price: 1 ETH = 5000 EPO

The minimum number for transaction: 0.5 ETH

PreICO period: From 00:00 am January 1, 2018 to 24:00 pm January 5, 2018

Token sale method: After contributed ETHs are received, EPO smart contract will automatically convert them to tokens.

All users participating in the pre-sale period will receive a more favorable redemption rate, 1 ETH = 5000 EPO. Through this method, the project team aims to encourage more users to participate and to raise funds to promote the follow-up token sale and advertising cooperation.

Purpose of pre-sale funds: Pre-sale funds will be used for follow-up formal ICO market development and advertising, and EPO PR Team will use advertising, news, video media, social applications and other ways to promote public offering of EPO tokens.

Public Crowdfunding Plan for Tokens

EPO token sale will be conducted in the form of public offering. At that time, 50 million of the total 90 million will be put on sale to the public for a period of one month from January 8, 2018 to February 7, 2018. In the process of token selling, the early participants will be rewarded step by step. From the date of sale, the reward will decrease step by step by time periods until the entire crowdfunding target is achieved. The primarily set soft top target is 10% of the total crowdfunding, that is, 9 million sold is considered as a soft top target reached. Of course, all members of the EPOCH team with the utmost sincerity invite users who are interested in the EPOCH block network to participate in the crowdfunding of early tokens to witness and benefit from the deployment and implementation of a large enterprise-level blockchain development network. At the same time, EPOCH Market and Business Development Team has started business negotiations with venture capital funds related to blockchain in the stage of tokens development. Relying on excellent market development experience and efficient team operation, the Team has now raised the venture capital funds equivalent to 20 million tokens, which has provided reliable financial support and market recognition for the subsequent sale of tokens, market development and technology research and development.

ICO Details:

Purpose of EPO tokens: It is the essential element for the operation of underlying block network. The more enterprises accessing the platform, the more actively EPO is consumed and used. With the support of the preset algorithm, the generation of new blocks will continue to provide driving force to maintain the efficient and safe operation of the whole EPOCH block network.

Identification symbol: EPO

Maximum supply (hard top): 90 million

Quantity for sale: 50 million

Mode of participation: Only ETH is supported

ICO price: 1ETH = 2500 EPO

Minimum participation amount = 0.5 ETH

ICO period: From January 8, 2018 to February 7, 2018

Token issuance method: EPO smart contract is converted automatically according to the redemption rate

ICO minimum target: 9 million EPO

Token Distribution Details:

55% of the tokens are offered for public sale during the ICO period, and up to 4% of the total amount of tokens will be used for testing during the product development phase and incentive use during subsequent marketing.

EPOCH Development Team will retain no tokens. Instead, based on the sales and transactions of other tokens in the market over the past few months, the Team has found that high-value token holders cashed in frequently in short-term after a large number of tokens entered the trading session. As virtual currency trading is different from stocks and securities transactions, there is no limit up/down or trading hours limit. Therefore, such market behaviors will inevitably lead to sharp fluctuations in prices, undermine the interests of investors, and endanger follow-up promotion of tokens. To this end, EPOCH Development Team has decided that part of the private equity reserve fund will be used for repurchase if the EPOCH tokens have sharp fluctuations in prices after the EPOCH tokens have entered market transaction.

Key Points of Repurchase Program:

After the tokens go to the exchange, the Team will start the repurchase program within 8 hours. 4% tokens of the total EPO will be repurchased by the Team in the form of BTC in different time periods in order to ensure the relatively stable market value of the tokens on the day of the transaction, protect the interests of all investors, and prevent undermining the stability of the token market and investors’ confidence due to excessive market speculation behaviors.

Plan of disposal of unsold tokens during ICO:

EPOCH smart contract has been set in code for this situation, and the generation of EPO tokens can only be activated upon receipt of the ETH contributed by investors, so there are never unsold tokens.

Fund Use Plan:

EPOCH team will establish a strict financial audit system. All funds raised during ICO will be used in strict accordance with the initial fund allocation plan. According to the flow of funds, the EPOCH Annual Financial Report will be released at the end of the year to ensure that the use of funds is open and transparent. Below is the EPOCH financial plan diagram:

Project development and product iteration: 60%

Platform operation, hardware and software environment support: 15%

Security audit: 5%

Business and market development: 5%

Legal expenses: 2%

Cross-chain cooperation alliance construction, industry cooperation and development: 5%

Quarterly and annual financial audits: 3%

Project reserve fund and market stability repurchase: 5%

Details of Incentive Plan during ICO:

EPOCH tokens will employ a cascade bonus program during the official ICO, and all eligible users will be benefited.

Week 1 1 ETH = 3000 EPO bonus 20%

Week 2 1 ETH = 2750 EPO bonus 10%

Week 3 1 ETH = 2625 EPO bonus 5%

After Week 4 1 ETH = 2500 EPO bonus: no

EPOCH Token Features

Fixed volume, scarce in amount: EPOCH token generation can be triggered only when EHT contributions are received at the contract address. The total amount is 90 million, and there will be no follow-on offering.

Strong market demand: At present, EPOCH has conducted many business development activities, conducted focused promotions on existing business partners and potential customers, and initially reached a partnership with more than 70 enterprises. The first batch of corporate customers that access has sufficient market share and business volume level, and will have a strong demand power on the premise that the business is running well.

Repurchase program: In response to the characteristics of encrypted monetary transaction, the EPOCH Team has decided to use repurchase programs to hedge potential market risk factors, proactively regulate the market’s serious speculative environment and protect the interests of investors. During the phased implementation, the price of EPO tokens will inevitably show a steady bull market in a certain period of time if the repurchase operation is normal. Eventually, the price fluctuation will tend to stabilize and reflect the due market value of EPOCH when other disturbances in the market are removed.

Incentive program: During ICO, generous incentive will be provided during each phase, and the early you participate, the more you will be benefited.

Contribution Rules

When you participate in the EPO token pre-sale and crowdfunding plan, be sure to read the following rules carefully:

Please send ETH to EPO crowdfunding contract address from your private wallet, such as myetherwallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger. Never send ETH from exchange addresses, such as Coinbase, Poloniex and Cryptopia.

Do not send ETH to the contract address before the token sale starts, and the EPOCH Team will never require any investors to send tokens to the contract address in any name.

Token distribution triggers the contract code immediately after receiving the ETH at the contract address to automatically perform the token distribution task at corresponding exchange rate.

Exchange Launch Plan:

EPOCH Team has prepared sufficient project documents, certificates of qualification and other audit materials for the exchange launch plan. At present, the Market Operation Team has comprehended relevant matters about EPO tokens entering the circulation of the exchange and communicated with the audit teams of major exchanges in advance. EPOCH Team promises that EPO tokens will be available on at least two major trading platforms simultaneously within 30 days after the ICO.