What ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ taught me about the life and death of the office family

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Express Yourself

After years of silence, I’m finally conquering my fear of singing in public

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Express Yourself

Americans have always been suspicious of people who spend too much time in their heads

Express Yourself

You may disagree with your editor, but they’re (probably) right

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The Draft

If you want to write, give yourself some constraints — and, maybe, a day job

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The Draft

Advice for promoting your work in the midst of a pandemic

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The Draft

Don’t worry about being productive right now. Just be aware.

The Draft

But if you do, here’s how to find something new to say

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Express Yourself

If you’re stuck at home, dig up a half-written draft and commit to completing it

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Express Yourself

Online, expression is ephemeral and lighting-fast. Maybe we should slow it down.

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Eileen Pollack

Eileen is the author, most recently, of The Professor of Immortality, A Perfect Life, and The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science Is Still a Boys’ Club.

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