2017 New Year’s Resolutions

They say you have better luck keeping these things if you broadcast them as loudly and publicly as possible. So, without preface or adornment, here in no particular order are my 2017 resolutions.

  • Achieve a not-unhealthy weight. I say this every year but damn it I’ll say it again.
  • Lay off the sauce, save for social situations.
  • No more OBVIOUSLY sugary foods. Desserts, candy, soft drinks, donuts, all that crap.
  • Spend more time out of doors with the family. Pee outside at every socially acceptable opportunity.
  • Defeat the racism, corruption and authoritarianism of the incoming Trump administration.
  • Learn Spanish.
  • Learn Go (aka golang, the programming language).
  • Focus completely on every conversation.
  • Dedicate every working minute to make my organization succeed and profit.
  • Strive to achieve wisdom and lead a good life.