Don’t lump all white people together.
Rhiannon Welles

Rhiannon and others —

My issue with labeling all white people as being one way is primarily about what a terrible way it is to to build the kinds of bridges and movement we desperately need.

It’s just like how many non-racist Republicans are currently extremely pissed and shut down to conversation because the left has been blanketing them with racist charges. If your goal — our goal — is to bring some positive change in society, we’ve all got to get it together and understand that this approach just doesn’t work.

A lot of white people want absolutely nothing to do with a person like Tomi Lahren. Can we agree that it’s possible that all white people are complicit in a racist system and that different white people are complicit to different degrees? Many of us want to destroy this system and we react to articles like this because they are flat out counterproductive.

This article, your comment, and the article you linked to tell us that we should simply understand that “white people” does not mean all white people. At minimum, that’s just terrible writing — why not say many white people? Or how about: “a bunch of random white people on Twitter?” That’d be pretty accurate.

Beyond that, saying “white people” is going to continue to evoke in many white people a massive feeling of double standards. Why, if we are asked not to refer to “black people,” is it wrong to expect that we are not referred to as “white people”?

I think this article is “derailing the conversation.” Do we want to argue about this or could the author simply say some white people are doing this, and it would be great if we could all realize that this garbage has no place on TV, black TV host or no. A lot of white people, myself included, are plenty outraged that this kind of bs is getting any airtime.