I don’t know you Michael, or what else you may have written on this forum, but right here you just…
Shelley Higgins

I get what you guys are saying about the severity of rape, but here’s the thing: rape induces trauma which causes a fight or flight or FREEZE reaction in the brain. When i was raped, I froze then denied it for two years saying, “it was just sooner than I would have normally jumped into sex, and a lot rougher.. and now I know I don’t like anal.” I normalized it, as one does with trauma. Yes, I went to his house, and yes, I drank his wine; but no- I did not ask for sex in anyway. The brain does what it needs to when survival is at hand. I had an out of body experience that night as he raped me anally, unable to defend myself or do anything about it- “just stare at that drawer handle until it’s over” I told myself repeatedly.

So, by your logic, since I wasn’t violently assaulted and I was in his home by choice, I wasn’t raped either?

just because neither of us was jumped, kidnapped, tied up, and forcefully raped, does not make it any less of rape. I know it took me a long time to understand that.

Emma has done a very brave thing in publishing her feelings. Reading accounts by those brave enough to share gives me strength in my encounters (yes, it happened twice, and neither time was even remotely my fault- sucks that I feel the need to specify this), so THANK YOU EMMA.

You two, and others like you, are probably the reason she has stopped writing. way to take some one’s voice away. She in no way implied that lack of orgasm = rape, it was a discussion on the topic.

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