November 8th, We Elect the Most Powerful Leader in the World

Why it Mustn’t be Donald Trump

It’s hard to keep up with the growing list of ways Donald Trump uses aggression and intimidation to quash anyone he perceives as a threat or lesser than him.

One of the clearest examples remains Trump’s own admissions of sexual aggression heard in the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape. The admissions he gloated about, which were corroborated by several women, are enormously important. They exemplify his beliefs about power and how he would like to use it as he seeks to hold the most powerful office in the United States.

Donald Trump uses power to exploit and take advantage of others.

He exploits not just women, but people who work, save and strive for a better life. Donald Trump and his company are the subjects of numerous lawsuits alleging failure to pay workers, liens for unpaid work, and citations for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. He took money from people looking to buy property or start new careers via Trump University, and provided them nothing in return.

These numerous indictments and the tape prove Trump belittles, demeans and exploits others for his own gain, callously diminishing their worth and credibility. So do not dismiss the words Trump used throughout his campaign as extreme rhetoric. Donald Trump means what he says about using his power over others.

Believe him when he says he admires authoritarian regimes: He spoke of the Chinese government’s strength in massacring students at Tiananmen Square. He gave Vladimir Putin an “A” in leadership. He applauds Russia, Iran and Assad’s Syria for showing strength.

Believe him when he tells us how, as president, he desires to use his power over others: To limit the freedoms of the press. To throw his political opponent in jail. To order the US Military to use torture and kill the families of terrorists, even if the troops refuse, stating, “If I say do it, they’re going to do it. That’s what leadership is all about”.

Does this sound like an American president? Donald Trump displays no knowledge of or concern for our founding documents that limit executive power, protect individual liberty and establish our democracy. He does not live by our values as Americans. He believes in authoritarianism. Even now, he seeks to undermine the very foundations of our government by sowing doubt about the election process itself.

I love my country. My family survived the Holocaust and then fled communist Poland, giving up everything, to be American. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against everything I believe to be sacred about this great nation. So I will vote for Secretary Clinton. I am a Republican, and I believe Clinton is a flawed candidate who espouses policies with which I will never agree. But — of the two leading presidential candidates — there is no doubt in my mind who is the fittest to occupy the White House.

On November 8, we will elect the most powerful leader in the world. Donald Trump uses power to exploit and take advantage others. He brags about it on the tape. He describes how he uses his power to harm others. How he acts in his own self interest. How he ignores laws and dismisses decency. How he believes he can get away with it.

Do not let him get away with it this election day.