day dreams

I have a war that`s boiling on
to catch and hold them tight
or let them be in peace with what they are
I struggle to decide

For now, my daydreams are at large
like butterflies, they take a flight 
and rush away from me
to take a chance, to realize,
to find out what they mean.
and I don`t mind at times
to walk by their side
and learn to wait and see,
what miracle they hide

But some of them that can not fly
they always stick with me
They`re jealous heavy weight
they frightful awful beings
they creep and hide in every thought
that`s asking to be free
they like a secret that can hurt
like noisy bumble bee

This daydreaming will come true for me
in all its ugly pretty form
that can no longer hide
the only thing I need is
You stay by my side