Investment in Student Hostels of Pakistan

Students from all around Pakistan mainly from rural areas comes in the main cities to study and for accommodation of such students hostels are required. Some of the universities and colleges have their own hostels but most of the institutions do not own any hostel or a place where they can accommodate their students.

Student Hostels investment is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Though starting hostel business requires a large investment but after a certain period of time it gives the best return on investment. People can earn millions from running their own hostels.

Students are changed from 5000 to 20,000 and more, depending on available facilities, location of hostel. For example hostels near to educational institutes, bus stops charge more as compared to hostels that are at far locations.

When investing in hostel, it is better to start hostel in some residential area as less investment will be required for that and will result in better investment growth. As with all investment decisions, it is important to carefully look at the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision, so it is always good to consult your real estate agent and financial advisor before investing in student hostels. is real estate property website where both residential and commercial properties are available, where you can also list your property for free and it will be advertised to millions of potential online buyers