Tips for utilizing your spare room efficiently

We live in an era where we have complex living standards. Everyone in the family has his own interests and careers, so every room needs to be useful for each and every individual of the family.

When we hear about spare room it sounds like some extra messy room which is of no use, but you can make it in use by properly deciding on what you want you spare room to do for you and designing the room according for your own needs. Let’s explore some scenarios of how to avail your spare room for your daily practices.

1- Guest Room

You can make your spare room as a guest room where people who come to your home from different far places could stay there. Put a single bed in the room or you can also place Sofa bed which can be used as both sofa for seating purpose during the day and as a bed during night.

2- Home Gym

Some people don’t like to leave home for gym so why not bring gym to your home. You can bring treadmill, mats, weights and other equipment at home and set those items in the room. Or you can make a cupboard where you can place all your extra gym items.

3- Playroom for children

If your child has to go outside for playing then it could be dangerous for children and a matter of headache for parents. A simple technique is to use your spare room as a playroom for kids where parents can put different toys, games and other items of kids interest so your child even don’t think of going outside to play.

4- Study Room or Library

If you love to read books and want a quiet place where you can read books comfortably then you can think of making your spare room as a study room or a library where you can put the collection of books. Arrange the room by making it as comfortable as possible. Put book shelves in the corner where you can arrange your books. Place sofa or chair and a table on side. Also do arrange good wall and overhead lighting system in the room so you can read the books at any available time of day or night.

5- Music Room

If you are a musician or just love to play music, turning the spare room to the music room is a good idea where you put all your music instruments like speakers, amplifiers etc. Put some furniture, rugs, carpets and sound proof tiles so that other people in the house won’t get disturb.

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