Bleak shoreline

She stood there all by her self, foot bare

When all vim, all vigor had drained, to merge with the flowing ocean waters

The dark burgundy hair flying in the wind with no care

Her colorful long skirt whooshing, bending obediently to the wind’s will

On any other day, the swishing waters would have given her a mighty thrill

But not this day……..ocean noise seared through her

The vast emptiness of the sky began to wane the verve of her soul

She knew it was not her this time, no…not hers to bother

But a part of her very soul had left….gone….departed…

The void that no other love may fill……torn apart…

The distant horizon beckoned her, the bleak shore, the screaming seagulls

But wretchedness maimed her, crouched hands shielding from more pain

Only a silent cry yielded, bitter sobs…yet tears failed

The throbbing waters dashed along the black rising rocks

Many a moon had passed this way, thoughtlessly; ticked away, many a clock

She sat on the white rough sand along the lonesome shore

Her fragile legs soon hauled her down

Warm sultry ocean air now felt cold, numbed and sore

Oh deliver her from the pain!…She is her only all…

Oh pull her out of this growing swamp!

Let her sink no further…..Let her sink no further…

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