A Nintendo love story — From a broken hearted, mean girl…

You came into my life like an angry bird that catapulted farthest from his slingshot

Shattering glass bubbles that surrounded me..

destroying the inner poise, tumbling over my nerdy pride.

You pledged of love, you swore to be the one.

You promised me castles I had never even dreamed of

You were just a boy, but I believed in every word you said

I was ecstatic, my Prince of Persia, my Mario had suddenly come alive..

I wore pretty dresses and fancy hair

All I thought was about dancing in his arms until twilight’s fall.

I became the damsel with no distress awaiting rescue…

Stupid, stupid little girl really…

Until one day I realized I was no Cinderella

I had left my prince both my shoes, yet he didn’t seem to come back looking for me.

I decided to set foot through the sands of time to unite that shadow and the flame,

Determined for at least a rendezvous.

And, when I finally met you again, I realized somehow you had now become Mr. Bomberman

You thought it was okay to blast the gardens you created.

Wipe down the pictures you painted

Burn through the bridges and shred the walls to pieces..

You rubbed the midnight lamp and wished for another girl with long pretty hair

Enthralled in her beauty, you forgot that the genie lets you two more wishes

Filled with a broken heart and an envious mind, I thought I’ll do you a favor

Wished you a mighty ass castle with a beautiful room for her at the top with no stairs to live in

Wished that her hair be just a little more short, you know.. just a little more trendy

Wait, did you say her name was Rapunzel?

What?? Who? Whoever heard of that love story again?

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