10 Steps to Lyrical Mastery

Artistically creative and masterful lyrical prose is an essential component of writing music and vocals.

Quality lyrics ensure that you maximize your fan reach, sales, and longevity.

The 10 steps to lyrical mastery are as follows:

  1. Always expand your vocabulary. Expanding your vocabulary will add life and depth to your music, along with creativity.
  2. 2. Study poets and lyricists, both ancient and modern. Study the ways in which words are used, contexts, the types of phrasing, rhythms, lines, etc. Take a poetry course so that you are well versed in producing quality poetry.
  3. 3. Tailor your lyrics to your purposes and audience.
  4. 4. Balance autobiographical themes with universal themes and design.
  5. 5. Captivate with memorable choruses.
  6. Keep your verses tight and focused.
  7. Write bridges sparingly, and as transitions.
  8. Replace commonly occurring words.
  9. Consult a dictionary and thesaurus to replace commonly occurring words.
  10. Frame your lyrics around rhythmic consistency.

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