A Day in the Life of a Blind Musician

Every musician is at different stages in their careers.

Since differentiations exist by genre, lyrical content, lifestyles, and experiences, the point of this article is merely to explain my day to day experiences as a blind musician.

When I wake up in the morning, approximately around 6:00 A.M., I check my notifications to ensure that I prioritize responding to the various types and forms of correspondence I receive.

Once I respond to the prioritized correspondence, I scope out social media to determine the vibes and conversations occurring.

I then tailor my strategy for addressing the needs of my fans.

I also strategize what formats to use, whether Medium posts, YouTube videos, tweets, Google Plus posts, and Facebook posts.

While keeping current, conversational, interesting, informative, and entertaining to fans is vital on stage and in recordings, this is especially the case with social media.

In addition to content marketing and social media, I write correspondence to various music industry publications and news media outlets, in order to secure publicity, notoriety, and credibility with my music and my messages and purposes of my music to the world.

One of the hurdles that impedes my ability to secure such publicity, is that the music industry assumes that all artists are an immitation of each other, so it is particularly difficult to convince music industry professionals that your music is unique, even when it is, such as myself.

My music is unique, because I write about the discrimination blind people face, when dealing with the visual world, and I am the only artist who has pioneered this subgenre of hip hop, soul and R&b, and fusion.

Also, because I often incorporate multiple genres within a song, each song I write has a variety of unique sounds.

The rest of my day usually coincides with in-person promotional activities, which may include open mics, karaoke events, and spots on shows.

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