A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Automation Must be Accelerated

It is interesting how an entrepreneur seeks to undermine the work of far more successful entrepreneurs.

It is no secret that Windows is a dinosaur and a dying platform, and that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the dominant market players.

Both companies have been working on self-driving cars and automation tools.

Even Elon Musk has been working on alternatively powered self-driving vehicles.

The concept of employment is an old and dying concept as well.

Technology has created far more opportunities for entrepreneurs than any job has, and jobs keep people from realizing their own dreams, and instead help others accomplish their dreams.

Instead of the ludicrous statements of an obviously jealous and underperforming entrepreneur dictating policies on taxing robots, instead of governments funding job programs, it is time for the government and society to embrace entrepreneurship and its rich rewards.

It is because of entrepreneurs that we have smartphones, tablets, other technologies, clothes, cosmetics, restaurants, spas, hotels, amusement parks, clubs, bars, theaters, and every kind of business.

It was the entrepreneur who thought of those business concepts, who put themselves and their finances on the lines, and withstood failure, adversity, rejection, and disappointment to create the lasting legacies they have left on the world.

If the concept of employees is so valuable, maybe they need to become more useful to the companies they work for, provide better service to customers, and stop using the workplace for political gain and backstabbing.

Robots don’t complain about wages, benefits, and hours, don’t backstab others, don’t attempt to sleep with managers or vice versa to get perks, don’t devalue customers, and don’t withhold valuable information from executives to make themselves look better.

Every company that hires employees has to deal with employee politics and bureaucracy that undermines and frustrates its opportunities to advance and progress, and ultimately dominate their sectors.

Even companies like Google, who use riddles and various types of questionaires as filtering mechanisms for hiring, still has to deal with employee politics on some level.

I look forward to automation and its economic effects.

I look forward to the days when I can enter a business and buy a product or service, without overhearing the zealous traitorous backstabbing of employees.

I look forward to the day when I can enter a grocery store or other business and be assisted by a robot, who won’t care about me being blind, and who won’t bitch to others about how people like me are a pain in the ass and an inconvenience.

To employees, either learn the skills to be useful in the digital age, or get left behind.

Technology will only keep moving forward, and the entrepreneurs who are able to capitalize on each and every breakthrough will reap their well deserved rewards.