Pleasure Me

Pleasure Me, Part 2

As both of them came down from their climaxes, they gasped and collapsed into each other’s arms.

She began to moan softly, as his tongue entered her mouth.

He slowly circled the inside of her mouth with his tongue, moving clockwise.

As he passionately melted her from the inside with the blissful warmth and wetness of his tongue, she began stroking his hair, massaging each strand with her long fingers, while helping him to escape into the vastness of her paradise, as she massaged his scalp with her fingertips.

As he began moving his tongue inside of her mouth, stroking her tongue counter clockwise, he began stroking her hair and massaging her scalp with his fingers.

Abruptly, he broke from her embrace and spun around her to face her back.

Her face turned towards his.

As their eyes met, he began licking her down the back of her neck and back, while simultaneously using his thumb, middle finger, and his ring finger to stroke her clitoris and inside of her soaking wet walls.

He felt her shiver and shake, and she began to squirm.

He held her to him, and as his tongue went down her neck, circling and moving in all directions before he did so to her back, her ass, and her legs, he guided each finger of his left hand into her mouth.

As her tongue caressed each finger, he could feel the control and strength of her suction, and he moaned, as the rush of her tongue caressing his fingers hardened his already long, throbbing manhood.

As he began massaging her outer labia with his left hand, still circling her clitoris clockwise with the thumb on his right hand, and circling the inside of her soaking wet walls, she showered his hands with her cum, while simultaneously stroking his throbbing cock in her right hand.

He moaned, and she felt him submitting to her in the eruption of his pre cum lathering her fingertips.

A puddle of her elixir from her multiple orgasms shot out of her pussy, and he removed his drenched right hand from her clitoris and pussy, then placed his index finger into her mouth.

She savored her own deliciousness from his index finger, caressing it with savory stroking.

He then licked his fingers on his right hand, before dipping his fingers in her puddle, coating his fingers in her hotness.

He then placed his index finger into her ass, being careful to keep the tip of his right hand massaging the right wall of her asshole.

As she kept stroking his long, throbbing, erect manhood, they moaned together, as he felt her asshole succumb to the relaxing, erotic splendor of his right finger massaging the right wall of her asshole.

As he turned his index finger on his right hand in her asshole towards her left wall, he felt her anal muscles clenched around his finger, while another spray of her orgasmic fluids sprayed his left hand, while some of her aromatic, sensual spray of her hot cum splashed in his face.

He began massaging her inner labia with his left hand, while continuing to massage the left wall of her asshole with his right index finger.

He kept venturing down her neck, her back, her ass, then down her legs, then up again, until he caressed and circled her left ear with his tongue.

As he felt her erupt all over his left hand, while massaging the left wall of her asshole, he began circling inside of her sensually.

He felt her muscles tighten around the index finger on his right hand, and she shot another rocketing and riveting blast of her hot cum all over his left hand, with jets of it exploding in his face.

She grabbed his arms and pinned him down, as she began tasting and salivating on his throbbing, pulsating cock.

She began grinding her pussy into his face, ravenously grinding her pubic hair into his beard.

As he moved her clitoris, from the base to the tip of it in a clockwise circle in his mouth with his tongue, he applied his suction to the parts of her clitoris that were begging for release, before sucking her swelling clitoris with long, methodical, clockwise strokes.

He felt the intensity of her orgasm crash over her, surging with the increasing loudness of her moans, until she screamed and flooded his face with her hot cum.

As she sucked, swirled, and swallowed his cock in her strong mouth, his explosive orgasm sped down her throat.

She swallowed what she could ravenously, and the remainder flowed down his cock, coated his balls, then stopped just past his asshole.

Next, he spread her labia with his fingers, thrusting his tongue inside of her drenched pussy.

She began grinding her pussy into his face, with her clitoris being stroked by the wetness that she splattered into his beard.

He ate her intensely, stroking his tongue up and down her walls, her G spot, feeling the direction he needed to move with his tongue with her moans and the feelings her pussy was clamoring to experience with the ecstasy of his melting tongue.

He circled every angle inside of her pussy, sending her into orbit, as the surge of her orgasm overcame her, and she breathlessly collapsed onto his face.

A jet of her blazing, delicious cum poured into his mouth, and he gripped her tightly in his arms, as he swallowed and savored every drop of her pleasurable elixir.

He rolled to the right of her, then laid her on her stomach.

He placed his ready member inside of her vaginal world of paradise, then simultaneously, he began eating her ass.

They moved in synchronization, and in circles, as his cock massaged all of the inside of her pussy, with his tongue circling and lathering her deeply in her asshole.

They moaned, as he felt the strength of her PC muscles clinging around his cock, she felt the massaging friction of his cock, combined with her wetness, and his tongue pleasuring and salivating on the succulence of her asshole.

As another jet of her cum erupted down his manhood, down his balls, just past his asshole, he knew he was nowhere near done pleasuring her to ecstasy.

He flipped her around, with her eyes meeting his in wide-eyed surprise.

He wrapped her legs around his shoulders, then plunged his long, throbbing, hard cock inside of her soaking wet walls.

He pounded her fiercely, sucking and biting her right and left nipples until she cried out with their agreed upon safe word.

“Give it to me baby! Give me all of you when I fuck you!” he moaned as she splashed another jet of her hot cum down his cock, his balls, then past his asshole.

“Oh fuck me! Harder! Harder! Harder!!!” she screamed, as he pounded her X spot, as another surge of her cum showered his cock and balls.

“Oh yeah baby! Take it, fucking take all of this dick baby!” he moaned zealously.

He began sucking and biting her neck.

The pain he was inflicting on her stimulated both of them, and she cried the safe word as the taste of her hot, dripping blood flowed into his mouth.

He sucked, swallowed, and licked her gently, until she stopped bleeding.

At the pinacle of his explosion, he wrapped his arms around her waist, as her legs were still on his shoulders.

Grinding hard into her, she moved with him, before he sprayed his cum inside of her, coating her X spot.

As he exited her, he buried hiss tongue in her pussy, licking and circling inside of her, savoring the combination of his cum with hers.

As she squirted in his mouth, down his face and neck, she began to pee.

He drank from her, swallowing all of it, while simultaneously sticking his dick with her pussy juices inside of her mouth and peeing down her throat.

After they swallowed each other’s pee and cum, they wrapped their arms around each other, amorously making out, sucking each other’s tongue, and tasting each other’s concoctions of vaginal secretions, semen, pee, and each other’s tongues.

He then laid her on her left side, then began eating her ass while fingering her clitoris and pussy with his right hand.

After she splashed again onto his right hand from the sensations of him salivating and circling the inside of her asshole with his tongue, while fingering her clitoris and her pussy with his right hand, he grabbed a whip and placed his long, hard, throbbing cock inside of her asshole.

As he inched slowly inside of her asshole, moving in a clockwise circle, she relaxed with the ecstatic pleasure of his warm, wet cock arousing her warm, wet, and stimulated asshole.

“Fuck me baby!” he shouted, as she moaned delightfully.

He cracked the whip across her back, enough for her to feel the tingling sensation of the sting.

He increased the intensity of the whipping, as he flogged her while circling and fucking her hot, steamy asshole.

“Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!” she screamed from the ecstasy of her ass being fucked by a long, strong, and sensational cock, along with the arousal and pain of the lashes across her back.

As she sputtered the safe word, he dropped the whip to the side.

While still inside of her asshole, he lifted her right leg, held it in his left hand, then slapped her pussy with his right hand.

Her asshole held tightly to his cock, while her pussy became soaked from the pleasure of the pain of him slapping her pussy.

As she climaxed, he laid her on her stomach, grinding on her until his cum entered her asshole.

After he exited her asshole, a stream of his cum trickled from his cock down to her pussy.

He then began sucking his cum from her asshole, drinking deeply from her, tasting the combination of her wet anal juices and his hot cum.

As she erupted from his wet tongue, they held each other in their arms, passionately tasting each other as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

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