Squirting is Peeing
Emma Lindsay

The Questionable Nature of the French Study

I am a huge fan of giving women various kinds of orgasms, especially the squirting orgasm.

That said, there are also myriads of other articles, without scientific evidentiary proof and sound statistical analysis that allege that women squirt urine, squirt female ejaculatory fluids, or squirt a combination of both.

Regardless of which is accurate, the rampant disinformation on sexuality all across the internet has created more confusion and frustration for the people that take such erroneous advice to heart.

I studied Statistics in college, so I know the ins and outs of analyzing studies, significance levels, sample sizes, and the like.

The problem with the French study is that it is observational in nature.

Of course, if a woman’s bladder is full at the commencement of the study, and is empty at the conclusion, that outcome is expected, because a squirting orgasm will cause the release of a mixture of urine and female ejaculatory fluid when the bladder is full.

A controlled experiment would have been more appropriate here, with a larger population size, with one group with full bladders and one group with empty bladders.

Also, the secretions from the vagina are different in viscosity, taste, and smell from urine.

There is also a difference between a woman squirting female ejaculatory fluids and the squirting orgasm.

The key difference is that there is a point of climax at the pinnacle of the squirting orgasm, where tension has elevated to its maximum point.

The release of female ejaculate follows.

When a woman is merely squirting ejaculate, and not having a squirting orgasm, the fluids provide wetness and lubrication that is achieved by arousal, but is different from the squirting orgasm.

In answering the question regarding whether the squirt is urine, ejaculate, or a combination, the correct answer is that it depends on the state of the woman’s bladder when the orgasm occurs.

Happy squirting, and squirt freely!

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