Are you forgetting the Millennials?

Time to break and rebuild your IR strategies

EQS Asia
EQS Asia
Jul 22, 2016 · 4 min read

不要忘掉80後的「年輕一代」: 是時候打破和重建IR策略

At a recent Bloomberg Buy Side Forum, a panel discussed the potential impact of technology on the asset management industry, particularly on the need for change to attract next-generation investors, given their preferences in interacting and engaging with investments. We cannot stress enough how important it is to evolve for these “new” target audience. Lucky for IR professionals, due to the formality and sensitivity of investor communication, “evolving” does not require learning how to use Snapchat; a straight-forward approach is to combine two components: mobile and infographics.


Component #1: Mobile

We dedicate a large amount of our time accessing information on-the-go from mobile devices. According to the recent Mary Meeker 2016 Internet Trends Report, worldwide mobile users spend on average four to five hours and use 12 apps on their phones per day. Mr. Dick Wei, regional head of Internet Research at Credit Suisse, mentioned in the 6th Annual China Investment Conference last year, that about half of the Chinese born in the 1990s check their mobile phones every 15 minutes. A study released by Deloitte found that people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day on average. Regardless which part of the world your target investors are located, mobile is the preferred medium for engagement and it must not be overlooked in nowadays’ investor communication and reporting. After all, when was the last time you found it convenient to read or analyze content directly from hardcopy and text-heavy reports?

要素一: 手機等移動終端

我們在日常生活中會花上很大部分時間從手機上隨時隨地獲取資訊。「網路女王」瑪麗·米克(Mary Meeker) 發佈的2016網路趨勢報告指出全球手機用戶每天平均花費四至五個小時在手機上,且平均每天使用約12個手機應用程式。瑞信亞洲(日本除外)互聯網研究主管韋迪在去年第六屆中國投資論壇中亦提到,中國的新一代高度使用互聯網,接近一半的90後會每十五分鐘檢查手機一次。德勤亦發表報告指出不同年齡層的美國人每天平均會檢查手機46次。無論您的目標投資者身處世界哪一個角落,手機已經成為與投資者互動中最有效的媒介,在現今的投資者溝通和財務報導中不容忽視。試回想您最上一次分析印刷版報告中的內容,您認為哪種經驗更加方便快捷?

Component #2: Infographic

Earlier this year, Hubspot has summarized 37 statistics about visual content and we find the following applicable to the IR function:

Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%
More information can be retained three days later when an image is paired

In short, infographics draw attention and allow audience to actually absorb the message rather than just skimming through paragraphs of text. This is a concept that should definitely be considered when upgrading traditional black-and-white communication.

要素二: 資訊圖表的吸睛效果




Acknowledging the grave impact and importance of these two components, we have created the EQS H5 Report — a lively presentation of financial/investment highlights, functionally and aesthetically made for mobile viewers. The H5 Report consists of about 10 pages containing a combination of large texts with photos, illustrations of financial data, and subtle movements of animation. It is accessible via one URL link which can be easily opened and shared across social media channels and messaging apps, and can be read simply by swiping up and down one-handed. ANTA Sports (2020.HK) has made use of EQS H5 Report for their year-end result highlights accompanied with their full version annual report and webcast presentation.

瞭解到這兩個重要元素及其帶來的影響,我們為此創造了一個以動態圖像呈現財務摘要、集合實用與美觀於一身,專為手機用戶而設的EQS H5 報告。我們的H5 報告由約10頁組成,主要以較大字體的文字配合圖像以及運用微妙的動畫來把財務數據動態地呈現出來。只需經由一條URL連結便可以輕鬆開啟,還可以透過不同社交媒體頻道及通訊程式閱讀和分享。安踏體育 (2020.HK) 在年終報導時亦應用了EQS H5 報告來配合其印刷版報告和在線視頻直播。

The H5 Report has been well received by investors who look to gain a snapshot of a company’s performance to guide their timely investment decisions. In a world of information overload, the H5 Report help investors keep a clear mind while focusing on the most important takeaways.

由於H5 報告能夠讓投資者在短時間內瞭解公司的表現來洞悉最準確的投資先機,因而大受好評。在這個訊息過剩的世界,H5 報告能幫助投資者保持清晰的頭腦,運籌帷幄,旗開得勝!

EQS Group was founded in 2000, and has since grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations. EQS works with many stock-listed companies around the world to create the web-version of their annual reports. Within Asia Pacific, EQS operates offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, serving over 500 companies in the region. Learn more at:

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