“EQS Asia” — Your Localized and Growing Partner

「EQS Asia」 — 本地經驗 與您並肩

You might have encountered EQS when we set foot in Hong Kong in 2013; you might have met with EQS when we joined forces with TodayIR in 2014; or you might have just learned about us recently at IR events. Regardless how we first encountered, rest-assured we are always your trusted partner for premium digital IR practices.

EQS 這個名字,您可能於 2013 年當我們首次踏足香港時聽過;或於 2014年 EQS 與 TodayIR 合併時聽過;或於近期的投資者關係活動中遇見過。不論在任何情況下相識,我們必定是您最值得信賴的優越數碼/線上投資者關係合作夥伴。

We localize. 我們地方化。

We started in Germany, and continued our reach across Europe, then Russia, and recent years to Asia Pacific. What we have kept in mind as we expanded our footprint is to learn about local investor preferences, stock exchange requirements, and publicly-listed companies’ needs, which allowed us to identify optimal solutions for IROs in the corresponding markets. Wherever we are, we adapt; and we localize our services and products in becoming your integrated digital IR strategy.


We improve. 我們改進。

We know smartphones and tablets usage have been skyrocketing in the region, so we have upped our game in crafting responsive-designed websites and have launched high-quality mobile streaming for live webcasts. We know that attaining a larger international shareholder base is important for IROs, so we have been partnering with more media channels across the globe to ensure your press releases and company news get a favorable reach. We know investors in Asia likes to customize their financial analyses when making investment decisions, so we have made the process easier, allowing them to compare and export relevant financial data with our advanced charts and IR tools. As the only provider consisting both newswire service and digital IR products, we streamline your workflow and become your single point-of-contact.


We grow. 我們成長。

We want to keep you up-to-date with our developments in Asia; be informed with industry development and trends within the region, as well as what the EQS team has tailored-made specifically for you. Currently we have local representatives in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai. Given the popularity for cross-border listing and the minimal language barrier, we find “Asia” an identity relevant for you to connect with us through social media. Follow “EQS Asia” and support us as we continue to grow and emerge as your leading digital IR partner.

我們樂意與您分享於亞洲發展的情報、最新區域行業動態和趨勢,以及有關 EQS 團隊為客戶度身訂造的服務和產品。目前,我們在香港、新加坡、台北及上海均有代表駐守。鑑於跨境上市的普及和減低語言障礙,我們以 Asia 作為社交媒體的身份與您連繫。作為您的優越數碼/線上投資者關係合作夥伴,我們將繼續擴展,請關注 EQS Asia,並繼續支持我們!

EQS Group was founded in 2000, and has since grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations and corporate communications. Headquartered in Munich, EQS has over 170 employees encompassing 12 cities globally. Within Asia Pacific, EQS operates offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, serving over 400 companies in the region. Learn more at asia.eqs.com.