How to let more people learn about your company’s news and earnings quickly


EQS Asia
EQS Asia
Mar 4, 2016 · 3 min read

We all know the drill. You set a date to release your earnings results, then go through rounds of reviews to polish the numbers and messages until the very last minute. After that, you spend hours to upload it to your website, update your followers on social media, send it to the Stock Exchange, to your database, to Bloomberg, to as many financial portals as possible… then you wait until these channels pick up your news, and hopefully notices your company.

我們都清楚明白,當您確定發佈公司業績的日期後,數輪的編輯審閱便會開始,務求將財報裡的文字和數字潤色至最後一刻。接下來,您可能需要花上幾個小時的時間,將最終確定的新聞稿上傳到公司網站、提交給各大證券交易所,發送給您的投資者、彭博社、以及更多的財經媒體頻道,再把新聞稿發佈到各大社交媒體平台上…… 然後,被動地等待著這些頻道能夠發佈相關新聞,引起公眾注意。

What if all of this can be streamlined with just a click of a button? 如果這些步驟可以簡化為一個點擊按鈕,會怎麼樣?

Instantaneous is a given 實時已是給定的

Notifying media outlets one-by-one is not time-efficient enough when investors are so used to getting information instantly nowadays. We have thus developed a news dissemination system (EQS Cockpit) to let you send company news out in one go. After that, our newsroom will monitor your coverage closely and can provide a detailed distribution report within 48 hours containing close to 100 guaranteed channels to show where your news has been reached — all of this with just a click of a button.

當今市場環境下,投資者已經習慣獲取實時發佈的訊息。通過逐一聯絡媒體發出新聞稿的傳統方式已不再具有時效性。為了滿足當下市場的需求,我們開發了一站式的新聞發佈系統(EQS Cockpit ),只需一個點擊,您的公司新聞稿便能傳遞千里。新聞稿發佈後,我們的新聞工作室會密切監測相關報導,並在48小時內向您提供詳細的媒體監測報告,包括近100家媒體夥伴的鏈接 — — 以上的所有步驟,將在一個點擊後被實現。

We pride ourselves on the many media partnerships we have created around the world. Be it international channels like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and Dow Jones, or regional channels like Finet, Sina, Hexun, Eastmoney, JRJ — we have them all covered for you. We even obtained a license from the Cyberspace Administration of the PRC to supply financial information in Mainland China so that you can easily reach into emerging market investors.

我們以EQS團隊在全球建立和拓展的媒體網絡為傲。不管是國際頻道,例如彭博社、湯森路透或道瓊斯,還是亞太區內媒體,包括財華社、新浪、和訊、東方財富網或金融界等 — — 全部都能覆蓋。此外,我們也獲中華人民共和國國家互聯網信息辦公室批准在中國境內發佈財經資訊。因此,您的新聞稿也能傳遞到新興市場的投資者。

But is this the most optimal option to reach the largest audience? 但這是接觸更多投資者的最佳選擇嗎?

Text-only is not engaging enough 純文字不夠引人入勝

From an investor’s perspective, reading polished texts and messages is not convincing enough to justify their investments. Instead, feeling invested in a company’s management and observing how they address questions is even more key. Live webcasting is a growing communication channel to incorporate more “face-to-face” engagements for shareholders who cannot split themselves up to attend all earnings events (which are usually scheduled during the same time of the year). By having a system to track who exactly is viewing your webcast and who is posting a question, you can in turn engage directly with them. The Q&A setup on the back-end can also allow you to quickly group and vet the most important questions to ensure efficient and effective communications with your investors.


Go mobile or go home 手機已成為大眾趨勢

Even if you have uploaded your 100+ pages annual report to your website, accessing it from a mobile device is not ideal given the small text sizes and the need to zoom in and out to read the whole page. Instead, having your annual report configured with responsive web design technology could allow optimal viewing on smartphones and tablets (no more zooming in and out!). Menu bars and scrolling effects also make the navigation more interactive and interesting; and sharing a web link via social media is a lot quicker than mailing out hard-copies.


Is this really the right formula? 這是開啟數碼/線上投資者關係成功的方程式嗎?

The EQS team continues to work closely with listed companies within Asia to innovate in better engagement methods and digital avenues to reach out to more investors. We know there is no magic formula for IR success as companies vary by size and shareholder mix, but what we do have are the different components to cater to your company’s specific investor relations needs; which in turn allows us to customize the right magic formula to drive success, especially for you.


EQS Group was founded in 2000, and has since grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations and corporate communications. Headquartered in Munich, EQS has over 170 employees encompassing 12 cities globally. Within Asia Pacific, EQS operates offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, serving over 400 companies in the region. Contact us to learn more: .

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