It’s been a tricky few weeks, hasn’t it? Some of us are fine. Some of us are struggling. Emotionally, physically, both. Some of us have gardens and fields to walk in. Some of us are in apartments with little or no outside space. Some of us are working. Some of…

What even is that they are drinking? beer in a brandy glass? Stock images are the pits!

I appear to be currently alcohol-free and no, I’m not talking about running out of hand sanitiser #topicaljoke #washyourhands #elbowsneeze

It just sort of happened really and now I’m nearing the end of my third week including one Gin Night event ( I drank Seedlip — delicious and gin-y tasting…

Spring is coming!

Spring is nearly here, right? There are snowdrops peeking through outside and I can hear a distant lawnmower in between the bouts of rain, hail and wind strong enough to stop me leaving the office ever again because, well, frankly, I straightened my hair this morning! I never learn.


Letting go.

We did have a nice image of Spring here but actually, the row of bins is VERY relevant. Listen to find out why!

You can listen to our Find Your Balance podcast here or read the transcript below — but just to warn you, Jo frequently does impressions which you will be missing out on if you only read it!

Liz: Hello and welcome to episode 2 of the Find Your…

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Life and Performance #Coaches. Creators of ‘5 Ways to Kickstart Change’ workshops, and ‘The EqUa Approach’. #NLP#LifeCoach

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