Oppression and Institutionalized Racism

Personally, I believe racism and oppression are two major issues in today’s society. Society makes the oppressors seem like they are the oppressed and vice versa. I won’t get into it so much in this post (in the future I will), but I’ll just outline the main issues.

Personally, I believe the Black Lives Matter movement is absolutely ridiculous. There’s so much neglect to other races, specifically white people. It is almost like no one cares about us anymore. White people are incredibly oppressed now. It’s almost like people of color are taking over and invading the U.S. now!

Additionally, there are so many slurs being thrown at white people nowadays. People are calling us “musty”, “mayo”, “cracker”, and even “Becky”. Those are such harmful and hurtful words. Slurs are a serious matter and people think they’re being funny.

The last thing I will outline regards the LGBT community. Honestly, it’s tiring to see people being pro-LGBT and flaunting their sexuality. I mean, we get the point. They try to act like they are so oppressed. What more do they need? Gay marriage has already been legalized — they should be fine. Everyone is so focused on LGBT people that straight people are forgotten.

There is so much more I could say about this, but I’ll have that for another day. I hope you enjoyed reading this small segment.

xx -tl