Black Friday Digital Marketing Techniques & Tips

Today is Black Friday, and today is the day where Christmas takes a back seat from the digital marketing sphere. Even though people will be shopping for Christmas presents, most people will only have their eye on the prize — mega savings!

People will do anything for a reduced TV, game console, washing machine or item of clothing. I’m sure you would have seen one of those videos where a store opens and a stampede of people charge into the store, batting each other out the way and diving on anything they can get their hands on.

If it’s that busy in a store, imagine how busy it could be on your website. If you’re a business owner and you have a website, then advertise your Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

Is Black Friday a big deal online?

100%. People tend to search and secure Black Friday bargains online. It’s a global event, and Adobe found that in the US, online shopping on Black Friday is extremely popular.

Econsultancy revealed Adobe’s findings that last year’s Black Friday’s spending in the US broke online sales records. They revealed $3.34bn was spent online, this worked out to be a 17.7% increase on sales the previous year.

They also revealed retailers who invested in mobile, email and social saw 30% more sales on average than those concentrating on just one or two channels (source:

The Best Black Friday Approach

You may be wondering which actions are best for your Black Friday campaign. Let’s take a look at some examples from today so that you can learn from it and apply it for today, Cyber Monday or Black Friday next year.

Formulate a strategy

Before you go mad on changing the design of your website and plastering it with deals, you need to put together a strategy. Ideally, you should review exactly what your deals are, who you want to appeal to, and how you should advertise these offers.

Take a look at what competitors are offering

This goes hand in hand with forming your strategy. Look at your competitors’ website and see what they’re offering. If you had the choice of receiving 10% or 30% off, which would you pick?

Once you weigh up your deals with theirs, make sure you have something that your customers will struggle to ignore.

Another option which is always a big hit with online customers at any time of the year is free delivery.

Create a unique centrepiece of your Black Friday deals

One of the most common site designs at this time of year to catch the attention of online shoppers is through a Black Friday landing page. All of the top e-commerce sites do it.

Below are just two examples:

Amazon’s Black Friday Home Page
Currys’ Black Friday Home Page

It’s immediately visible for your visitors and they cannot miss it.

By creating a Black Friday landing page, you can recycle it year on year; customising it when the time arrives. Ensure the page isn’t navigable when it isn’t Black Friday, but be sure to update it and make it live when it is Black Friday.

The same applies to Cyber Monday too.

Build a following and get people excited

Part of your strategy should be advertising. The best way to advertise is through getting people talking and excited. This is a big point and we’ve split it into four sections.

Create teasers

Teaser campaigns are a great way to build anticipation for your mega savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This can be done in a number of ways. It could be through a video, animation or graphic providing some of the big savings people can make, a campaign which focusses on a countdown to Black Friday, or even a competition for people to enter and be rewarded in some way.

Email your customers

If you have a strong number of customers who have accounts with your business and they’re happy to receive promotional emails, utilise this opportunity.

Email campaigns are extremely effective when they’re done right. Ensure you have a catchy and attention grabbing email subject, give them a reason to shop with you (amazing deals, maybe even a discount code), and add a call-to-action (CTA) in the email.

Use social media to drive engagement

Everyone is on social media in some way; whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Get people talking and sharing the media you’re publishing. Whether it’s a blog post, video ad or Black Friday teaser picture, put it on your social media and change your social profiles to focus on Black Friday.

Consider paid advertising

Sometimes, to make money you have to spend it. Paid advertising comes in many forms. We’re focussing on PPC ads on Google and social media. Through PPC you can refine who sees the ad. This is effective for targeting your ads at specific users and customers & potential customers.