Treat your website as though it’s your shop window

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Oct 27, 2017 · 3 min read

When you have a potential customer peering in through your shop window, what exactly do you want them to do?

You want them to be impressed, you want them to enter your shop, and you want them to explore your products. Without an enticing looking shop front, you’re not going to achieve this.

By applying this same attitude to your website, you will prosper.

A website is your virtual shop window.

Websites today are your virtual shop window. Without a good looking website, you will struggle to attract the attention you crave.

You will want to provide high aesthetic value to attract your customers, and once you’ve got their attention, you’ll need to ensure that they feel compelled to stay.

How can you achieve this?

Through UX design.

Bingo — the user experience of your website is significant. The aim is not to create a pretty website, it’s to create a flawless online experience that your users like and can enjoy.

Of course, your website must look the bees knees visually, but the overall user experience must be on point. It has to be appealing, minimalistic, practical, and responsive.

Ask yourself this, why do people create a website?

There is a host of reasons why a person will create a website.

In terms of owning a shop, business or company, entrepreneurs create websites to increase brand awareness, advertise, and encourage custom. It’s never been easier than it is today to gain more enquiries, thanks to the web… so long as you do it right!

Of course, there are other benefits and reasons for business owners to have a website.

Just by having a website you will gain credibility.

That’s right. Simply having a website makes you more credible. On a personal level, when I try to Google a business and they don’t have a website, it automatically makes me sceptical.

Designing and building your website is essentially your first step. But if you work with professional web designers and developers, then you can create a brilliant online image for yourself.

Your website is always open — 24hr virtual shop window.

No need for you to employ someone to stay up late to make sure the website is open/visible/live. Not only will your website act as your virtual shop window, but it will even act as a committed 24 hour employee, constantly advertising your business, products and services!

Target a wider market.

You can connect your business with a wider target market — only if you want to. It depends on your aim as a business, but the option is there for you to stretch further than say a 15 mile radius, and work to become prominent overseas.

A website could save you money!

Businesses can spend thousands to advertise themselves — whether it’s in a magazine, local paper or feature on the radio.

When you think about the reach that your website has compared the outreach and cost for local advertisement, the odds heavily point to your website as the better option for impact and price.

Don’t create a website for the sake of it.

If this article has made you think differently about creating a website or your own website, then ensure you devote the time and effort required to make your virtual shop window worthwhile to your site visitors and potential customers.

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