My startup failed, and this is what it feels like…
Nikki Durkin

Really long, I only read like 20% of it, but it was probably so long because you needed to get it all out in order to feel personally understood more than just as someone whose startup simply died. I get it. Been there.

Very few people will be able to relate or understand what you went through — mostly only other entrepreneurs. Non-risk takers, earth bound thinkers, cogs, whatever you want to call them will think very little of it. Their emotional, professional palate being limited to working for other people that solve the big problems for them will likely not have enough experience to have empathy here.

Don’t judge them for it, they were never like you to begin with and won’t be like you in the future.

The good news is that these experiences are valuable. You will be able to apply them else where and add value where others cannot. If you keep trying, stay smart, remember where you went wrong last time, you will have massive success in the future. I also get this because that’s where I am now : ).

Keep leaning in.

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