Stu Sues by the Starwars

Jan 7, 2016 · 8 min read

Beats up four guys by herself

Knows more about the Millennium Falcon than Han does

First time she flies at all, she outmaneuvers TIE fighters in a large ship with an awkward cockpit position.

Instantly skilled at using a lightsaber and wins a fight against Kylo Ren

Is instantly knowledgeable about probing minds, telekinesis, and using Jedi mindtricks

Instantly trusted by the Resistance to go on a mission to find Luke, even though they barely knew her

Speaks Droid and Wookie

Instantly liked and trusted by everyone



Written by

An internet old man just trying to keep up with what all the kids do these days. Op/Eds mostly about video games and the gaming community.

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