Hijab, Appropriation, Solidarity, and the Predictable Machinations of Divisive, Toxic Identity…
SF Ali

A man talking about a female item of clothing. You might as well join the neo-nazis. You’re the other side of the same coin. The attacks on women and their rights by fundamentalists of Islam reminds me very much of those of the Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Judaism and the rest of religions. No wonder here in the UK, more and more Muslims, Jewish and conservative Christians, gay men, trans women, women seeking desperately men’s attention and similar are joining the Tory party as an attack on women, their rights and the preservation of the nuclear family and gender roles. All joined against those confident women and all women’s rights to choose freely what to do with their bodies and their lives without the threat of violence and oppression. Let the women talk about the hijab and discuss it. For once, listen and shut up. You have no say on women’s issues or clothes.

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